Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ohio Street house burns in controlled fire

The Greenville Fire Department stood watch today during the controlled burn of an old farmhouse on Ohio Street in Greenville. The first flames could be seen at about 1:30pm and by 3:00pm there were just a few small flames left. At different points, the GFD stepped in to contain the fire, and there were gusts of wind the whole time, but all in all the flames were kept mostly within the framework of the residence.

Quite a few people were present to watch the show - and many more rubberneckers took their time driving past the scene on Ohio Street. At the end, the metal roof was caved in, and the bricks were charred, but the shell remained standing (or at least was still standing at 3:00pm).

As many Greenville residents will remember, this house was part of a cattle farm for years. Recently, the school district bought the land - and having no use for the rundown house, allowed it to be part of today's exercise for the GFD.

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  1. Did they deliberately pick a very windy day to do this? More fire department training? did anyone have hot dogs?


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