Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax day

For discussion: Are the stimulus spending and repeated bailouts:
  • Sound policies for dealing with tough economic times?
  • Harmful big-government spending?
  • Or something else?

Leave a comment if you have an opinion.

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  1. It's sensible spending under the circumstances.

  2. First issue: please join me in using your names on comments for this article.

    Second: I can understand a stimulus injection into the economy as a "jump start", but I am suspicious that it is being used to expand government and liberal agendas. Like the President's Chief of Staff Emanuel said "what a great opportunity to get our causes passed!" so, they are doing just that and staying under the radar.

  3. Are the tea parties about the spending or the so called rise in taxes? Todays taxes that are due are for a previous administrations tax plan correct? The spending may be necessary to jump start the economy, I just hope it does not turn into a normal business plan.

  4. It will take a generation to reverse the mistakes of the last 6 months.


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