Monday, June 29, 2009

1000+ attend co2 protest at Lighthouse Christian Center

Whoa! If anybody was wondering if Darke County had the will to oppose co2 sequestration, that question was answered tonight. At 7pm this evening, when the co2 protest was to begin, there was literally a traffic jam on 127 & Sebring-Warner Road. Late arrivers (including our photographer) had to walk a quarter mile just to get to the meeting. Once inside, the meeting room (capacity 800) was filled to the rear doors with extra spectators in the hall outside.

The program began with co-chair Ann Vehre giving introductory remarks. Vehre noted that she had been called just today by a representative of Andersen's stressing that there had been no final decision on sequestration - and that Andersen's was concerned in its own right about liability.

Vehre recognized the elected officials and "traditional" media in attendance before turning the program over to Judge Julie Monnin. Monnin gave a passionate speech in opposition to co2 sequestration pointing out that she lived just a mile from the test site.

Other speakers included: Jim Surber, county engineer; Susan North, the Power of One; Jan Teaford, co-chair, State Representative Jim Zehringer, and many others. Zehringer commented afterward on the huge crowd saying "it shows how passionate Darke County is about this issue." Zehringer said the co2 sequestration was "not a political or partisan issue," and "there were still a lot of questions to be answered." Yes there are!


  1. A case of mass hysteria, similar to the "anti-nuke' movement. Nuclear plants would have solved our energy problems years ago. Fear rules !

  2. well, maybe we should put it in your back yard ... barb

  3. Finally, Patriots coming out of the woodwork! So good to see! I wish I could have been there. Its a good cause for everyone in Darke Co. to make sure this doesn't happen. And..."mass hysteria"???? ha! Paleeeese! Just tying to keep ourselves safe from being guinee pigs and sitting on alka-seltzer mountain!

  4. Stop the CO2 laws by signing the petition at today.


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