Monday, June 22, 2009

Budget proposal will cripple public libraries

There has been a lot of press today concerning Gov. Strickland's plan to put casinos at the Ohio race tracks as a part of his new budget proposal. A fact that is not as big in the news arena is the fact that this budget proposal is going to severely cripple, if not destroy, public libraries. This budget would slash the funding to libraries by almost 50% for 2010 and almost that much again in 2011. Many libraries in the state (I believe all in Darke county) depend on this state funding for their operating funds. Even the libraries that are funded in part by tax levies need the state funding to complete their budgets. These cuts will mean that many libraries will have to close their doors completely. Many more will have to make drastic reductions in hours and services.

The next few days are critical to contact our state representatives to make known the need to continue funding public libraries. In these tough economic times, many people depend more and more on the libraries to provide their internet service, books, reference materials, and entertainment.

This link is a notice that was sent out by the Ohio Library Council regaring this budget issue.

I would encourage you to email or call the politicians listed below in the next few days. These are the ones for the Darke County area [southern Darke County, actually]. If you live in another area, please contact your politicians.

Senator Fred Strahorn, 614.466.6247,

Representative Richard Adams, 614.466.8114,

Governor Ted Strickland, 614.466.3555



  1. I believe constituent involvement in Governor Strickland's budget and education reform plan is crucial for the growth of Ohio. The Strickland plan claims to be making room for greater educational funding-- the modernization of our schools-- to produce more capable citizens. How can this be accomplished if libraries, some of the greatest sources of community learning, are disabled by the same plan? I think we need to be informed about of the details of this plan, stay informed, and get involved.

  2. this is just one of several looming disasters included in the Strickland budget


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