Friday, June 12, 2009

Chicken dinner fundraiser - Robinson for Commissioner

DARKE COUNTY – It’s fried chicken time at Romer’s. The Committee to Elect Bob Robinson for Commissioner is holding a fundraiser… it isn’t asking for a handout – you get a great fried chicken dinner for your support.

The meals are $7 each and include four pieces of chicken, a roll and two sides. And you get to “chew” on Bob Robinson when you pick up the dinners… he will be handing them out in the Romer’s carport (Greenville circle) from 4 until 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 25.

If you would like to help sell tickets, or simply want a great fried chicken dinner, tickets are available at Tropical Isle, 629 S. Broadway, Greenville, or call Kay Seiler, Campaign Chair, at 548-6537 for more information. All tickets must be purchased by noon June 22.

Also, keep your calendars open on July 18 for a great summer entertainment event and meet-and-greet at Wayne Lakes, details to be announced. Who says political campaigns can’t be fun?



  1. Sweet mercy, if we're going to have to be inundated with fundraisers and events for Bob Robinson this summer, I pray that Ohio becomes hurricane central or something else happens to keep us from having to hear about him. Seeing him pandering for votes at the Darke County Fair will be bad enough!

  2. I don't know what he needs campaign money for----he has "free" media with his former newspaper. Will they be fair and balanced when other candidates (including Democrats) announce? They sure didn't in the last Primary.

  3. How soon until the Advocate is advertising his campaign fundraisers?

    I'll be interested to se how many chicken dinners they do sell.

  4. I sure hope the voters of Darke County pay attention to all this BS they are about to be subjected to. If any of you had the "pleasure"of trying to work with Mr. Robinson you will think twice about choosing him. I TOTALLY agree with the media issue. Really we have to go through this for over a year???!!!

  5. Add two more instances where Bob Robinson is placed into the Advocate with "free" campaign advertisement - Wednesday he was shown in a picture talking with Kevin DeWine (who, quite frankly, looked annoyed!), head of the Ohio Republican Party in a submitted article about how he went to some meeting for future Republican candidates or something. To be fair, Joe LeMaster was listed as having gone as well out of the county, but I am sure he didn't submit the story and photo of Bob Robinson! Then in Friday's paper, the advertisement for the chicken dinner appeared.

    Advice to any candidate who wants to run for commissioner in 2010 in Darke County: air all your dirty laundry up front, because the Advocate will certainly try to air it for you in their newspaper as close to the election as possible in an effort to keep you from winning! They did it to Nisonger, they'll do it to you, too!

  6. Liberals complaining abt the medias is somewhat of funny if you just think about that the medias are the lapdogs of Hussein O'bambi.


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