Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rush Limbaugh suggests that Greenville change its name to Alka-Seltzer Village

A few weeks back, Greenville resident Marion Arnold called in to the Rush Limbaugh radio show to discuss the isue of CO2 sequestration. After the conversation, America's Anchorman remarked:
You know what? I'm sitting here thinking. I'm going to have to look into this. I've heard all these schemes about trapping CO2 emissions from smokestacks. I've heard about trying to do that and some of the other wacko things. But pumping it underneath a town, I have not heard about. I think you people in Greenville Ohio really ought to -- I'm serious about this -- change the name of the place to Alka-Seltzer Village. Get in on this before it happens.
The word on the street is that Arnold will appear on Limbaugh's show again sometime soon. Click here for a transcript of the original call.

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  1. If Rush Limbaugh is "America's Anchorman" then Old Ferd is changing the channel.

  2. Okay. That one wasn't very good. Let's try that again:

    If Rush Limbaugh is "America's Anchorman" then this boat's a-sinkin'.

    ... because an anchor keeps a boat in one place.

    ... and Rush is fat, see?

    ... so in this analogy, America is a boat, and Rush is the anchor that's too heavy (because he's an ANCHORman, get it?).

    Ahem. It's funny because it's irreverent.


    Rush is a weenie. That's what I'm trying to say.

  3. ... yeah because Brian Williams and Katie Couric have so much credibility ... :)

  4. @ Darke Journal:

    No, they don't have any credibility either.

    However, Brian Williams has cool taste in music. Here's an interview with him about his music weblog called BriTunes (such a clever play on words, don't you think?).

    And Katie Couric? Well, I can't come up with anything. She doesn't have any redeeming qualities as far as I can tell.

    Rush is still a weenie, though.

  5. I like this Ferd Lemmings Guy. Seems to progressive/open minded to be in Greenville.

    1999 GHS Grad

  6. Ferd Lemmings seems to progressive/open minded to be in the United States.

    1972 GHS Grad


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