Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update on courthouse renovation

The renovation of the first floor of the Darke County Courthouse seems close to completion. The word in the courthouse is a mixed bag ... some people really like the renovation, some don't. And some have pretty vocally called it a waste of money.

The good ... revealing the original ceiling is a terrific addition. And that part, presumably, didn't cost very much since it was already there (behind an ugly drop ceiling). The entire hallway feels bigger. And the lighting is very nice - after the addition of backilighting in the bulkheads ... The bad ... the bulkheads. They're not period appropriate. And worst of all they cross the hallway at each end, obscuring a nice arch toward the front of the courthouse.

Overall, the project is a net-plus. The bulkheads were necessary to cover existing piping and utilities. And this project started off with a big "earrings-on-a-pig" quotient anyway. It was the best that could be done economically, with the grand ceiling height restored. The end result, with some paint and pictures on the wall, should look pretty nice.

1 comment:

  1. Looks very nice and yes the lighting is great. I thought the county didn't have any money though. That's would my only concern.


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