Tuesday, July 21, 2009

City of Greenville press release - July 21, 2009

This statement is presented in response to the recent criticism directed at the City of Greenville for what is perceived by some as the City's "silent" approach to the growing controversy, involving carbon sequestration. It would be inaccurate to equate the City's cautious approach, with inaction, disinterest, or support for any particular position or philosophy relating to carbon sequestration. Quite to the contrary, since this matter arose, City representatives have spent much time and effort gathering information and meeting with legal counsel. Based upon that investigation and the legal advice received, a determination has been reached that no legally-sufficient basis, either in fact or law, presently exists to justify the City's intervention or other direct involvement regarding carbon sequestration.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Greenville's Council and Administration publicly and collectively state that the City does not support carbon sequestration in Darke County, Ohio. Such opinion is not founded upon specific scientific theory or the existence of established findings; rather, such position has been announced in an effort to heal the rift that has been created within our community, which, if allowed to fester most probably will result in serious and far-reaching negative consequences for the future viability or this community.

On July 20, 2009, several City representatives traveled to Maumee, Ohio to confer with their counterparts from Thu Andersons, to directly convey the City's sentiments regarding local carbon sequestration. As expected, based upon past experience with the company, The Andersons welcomed, and were receptive to, an open and frank discussion related to the possibility of carbon sequestration at the local ethanol facility. The Andersons indicated that no decision whether to drill a test well at such plant had been made, send, that no such decision is imminent. Recognizing that the Anderson's have every right to investigate all scientific applications and to consider all business alternatives which have relevance to their operations, The Andersons relayed that the company has no intention of sequestering CO2 on their premises unless they are confident that a sound scientific basis exists, involving the need for carbon sequestration, and, the manner in which such testing might be undertaken. The Andersons stated that no testing or sequestration will be allowed unless or until sufficient evidence exists that the same may be conducted in a manner which is safe for, and promotes the best interests of, all of the following: (1) its investors, (2) its employees, AND, (3) the residents of Darke County, Ohio.

Those within the City who, in the past, have had the opportunity to meet and work closely with The Andersons know that this company is honorable in its dealings, and, that the company has displayed a commitment to this community, both financially and practically. Simply stated, there is no reason to believe that The Andersons' statements made during the course of the July 20, 2009, conference, were disingenuous in content or merely rhetorical in nature. To be sure, the dictates of the federal and/or state, government regulatory process may change the dynamics which face the company, however, The Andersons is acutely aware that local public opinion is predominantly negative toward carbon sequestration. Undoubtedly, it will be influenced by such public sentiment in its future decision making.


  1. Good for city officials! The same old rabble-rousers are jumping to conclusions---- creating mass hysteria. Glad that our elected officials (with one exception) have calm and logical approaches.

  2. If what you read in this release is logical, you would probably invest in beachfront property in Arizona. P.T. Barnum prophesied your birth.

  3. "Peace in our time" should have also been included in this drivel.

  4. I agree with you, but unfortunately because all the elected persons around here are too busy trying to satisfy the general public instead of doing what is right, it doesn't matter what they learn or find out.

    It sickens me to think that the chicken littles of the county have everyone believing the sky is falling, or in this case the the ground will open and consume us all.

    It wouldn't surprise me with all the hysteria that is being caused that Greenville will be blacklisted for places to move your company since he public "seems" to be against industry and high technology business.


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