Wednesday, July 29, 2009

County Commissioners Adopt Resolution Opposing CO2 Sequestration

Here is the resolution in its entirety ...



WHEREAS, the Darke County Commission Board has found the Anderson Inc. to be a very professional and upstanding company; and

WHEREAS, the operations at The Anderson Marathon Ethanol (TAME) Plant in the Greenville Industrial Park has provided a great benefit to our area farmers as well as to the overall community; and

WHEREAS, the Darke County Commission Board realizes the importance and value of scientific research and that the Battelle Company is one of the premiere research groups in the country, if not in the world, and we have found their representatives to be very informative and professional with their scientific research addressing global climate changes and in producing clean affordable energy; and

WHEREAS, the Darke County Commission Board realizes that they can not legally stop the CO2 testing. However, due to the overwhelming opposition of the majority of our Darke County residents and the unknown risk factors of the CO2 testing compiled, with no known benefit, no guarantees of compensation and no knowledge of financial, business or growth opportunities for the County; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Darke County Commissioners are stating that they are in opposition of this scientific CO2 Sequestration Project and are asking the Anderson Marathon Ethanol Plant to honor our request to halt this project; and

WHEREAS, the Darke County Commissioners are joining in the ranks of our citizenry that they are in opposition of the CO2 project due to the unknown risks and the potential harm to Darke County; and

WE THEREFORE RESOLVE by motion to approve the signing of this Resolution; moved by Commissioner __________; seconded by Commissioner __________; and the Clerk called for a roll call vote as follows:

Michael W. Rhoades - Yes

Terry L. Haworth - Yes

Diane L. Delaplane - Yes

July 29, 2009


  1. Our elected officials were backed into a corner by the rabble-rousers---however, this is a very good statement and it's clear they appreciate Andersons and any other companies interested in Darke county.

  2. They simply want to keep their phoney-baloney jobs!

  3. Certainly, they want to keep their jobs, phoney-baloney, or not. Each and every one of us now want to keep our job and with all due respect, I am sure their job is not an easy one.

    At the very least, all 3 of them recognize that they wouldn't stand a chance of being re-elected if this CO2 project goes forward "on their watch".

    Now, we will just have to play the waiting game to ascertain how much weight their most recent statement actually carries with The Andersons.

  4. Basically we have Geo. Voinovich to thank for invititing this project into Ohio. If it goes thru he and several other elected officials should not be voted back in. They do not have the best interests of Darke County and Ohio at heart.

  5. voinovich and Mike Dewine are RINOs----hope neither ever gets elected again.

  6. Sen. Voinovich is retiring after his term is up. On a city level, I find it interesting our "safety director" has remained silent on this. Also, the city says they can't legally do anything about it. I find it odd that a city can have regulations for removing stumps from lawns, sidewalk repairs, etc, which the safety director vigorously enforces but somehow they can't pass/enforce legislation to protect citizens from CO2 sequestration. Is it a matter of "can't" or "don't want to"? At least the individual commissioners spoke and voted on this issue and didn't hide behind a generic letter from the entire city. Let each counsel member and city leaders speak specifically for themselves on this issue like the commissioners did.

  7. Yes, I agree 100%!!!

  8. The doctrine of "Home Rule" is used for everything else. Why not for "no CO2." It reminds you of the saying, "Everything is against the law, and prosecution is selective."


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