Wednesday, July 15, 2009

John Boehner Responds to Constituents' Concerns About co2 Sequestration

Darke County residents - and activists - Charles and Rebecca Reier recently contacted Congressman John Boehner to voice their concerns regarding co2 sequestration. Boehner personally responded to the Reiers with thorough and lengthy discussion on co2 sequestration.

A copy of the email (too long to reprint on the main page) can be seen here.


  1. Obviously, Dr. Reier has gotten the attention of John Boehner - no small feat. The amount of attention this issue has sparked is growing, but is it enough to halt the whole process? We need more "Dr. Reiers" on board, I think. A few local politicians, such as council members and commissioners would be more than welcome to step up to the plate on this very sensitive issue. Will we hear from any of them?

  2. Not to seal anyone's thunder but did you actually read what Congressmen Boehner wrote? Essentially he said nothing, just a copy and paste response of information that is widely available to everyone. Even when Dr. Reier questioned the congressmen in person he responded in a similar fashion, taking neither side of the issue, responding with standard political rhetoric.

  3. Yes,I did read Boehner's response and you are precisely correct - he said nothing definitive, which is what I think we can all expect down the road from all our elected officials. None of them want to appear to be on the wroing side of the fence on this issue.

    I will nevertheless continue to write my letters opposing the CO2 sequestering project and by and large, the whole Darke County electorate can "go on record" as having opposed this project. For whatever it is worth in the long haul.

  4. With a few exceptions, people are wary of the so-called-leaders of this project. For the most part they are the local vocal rabble-rousers and definitely hurt the cause.

  5. To the poster, one above, I think I get what you are meaning, and I think agree with you if you are saying what I think you saying, but could you elaborate a little?


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