Sunday, July 19, 2009

New email newsletters are coming soon

There have been a fair amount of criticisms about the daily emails received by subscribers. These emails are currently administered by feedburner, which is owned by Google. There are two main benefits of using feedburner: (1) it's free, and (2) the emails are automatically sent out without any extra effort from the DarkeJournal staff!

Unfortunately, the quality of these emails is terrible. For some, the photos, videos, and external links can not be accessed. Sometimes the photos cover the text. And beyond all that, the layout is not visually appealing (and can not be changed). Given the [surprisingly] large number of subscribers, the lame feedburner emails just do not suffice.

Soon we will be switching over to for the emails. Existing subscribers will be switched over automatically - and a new sign-up box will be installed. If you want to subscribe now, just sign up in the existing box and we will switch you over when the time comes.

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