Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A new poll - co2 sequestration

The CEO of Anderson's reportedly said that the wishes of the Darke County community would have a bearing on the company's decision to proceed with the co2 sequestration project. So we have added a simple "yes or no" poll to find that answer. You can only vote once ... so cast your vote and then tell all your friends to come here and vote too. We'll email the results to the CEO.

Update: There have been several questions/comments on how many votes can be cast per computer, household, etc. The poll program reads cookies and i.p. addresses of everybody casting a vote - and attempts to limit each computer to one vote. The system is not perfect, nor is it foolproof (if you want to spend time busting the code to vote more than once). The poll will likely limit an office/household to a single vote, but it is more accurate than the other method of allowing multiple votes per person - as that method has resulted in unprincipled people voting over and over again to skew the results.


  1. OK - e-challenged. How do you take the poll. Nothing came up.

  2. The poll is on the upper-left part of the page. Check "yes" or "no" and then click "Vote." A separate screen will come up and show you the overall results ... :)

  3. I'm assuming that only one vote per household is permitted.

  4. The 4% that voted yes (4 people) must be all local public officials.

  5. No I'm not an elected official, I am some one who is not scared of things that are not going to happen...

    I guess BT Barnum was right, there is a sucker born every day, it is sad to think people will believe such a silly line of bull without researching for themselves. If they had, they would know they have nothing to fear.

    I still do not understand why people continue to claim Co2 sequestration is untried. It has been successful at sites all over the world. But I guess like everything else the ignorant will be the downfall of humanity, and are the reason that world peace and prosperity are impossible to achieve.

    For an area that is desperate for more economical development, I think it is ludicrous to turn away willing investors, because of fake fears.

  6. Oh wise one, cite for us your proof that no ill will befall us. Since the proponent's scientists cannot do this, enabling insurance companies to afford protection; how did you divine this, by reading the entrails of an owl?

    PS: it's P.T. Barnum, and it was every minute!

  7. I have read about it and I still don't want it! They do not know eactly what it will do, and I am not willing to be thier guinee pig! And calling this "fake fears" is just a rediculous statement! You must have alot to gain from this.Did you see the polls? Yea, we DO NOT want it period! The people have spoken!

  8. To the one who is "not scared": your wisdom comes straight out of the Dark Ages when alchemists and robber barons ruled the world. Who disagrees with you? 31,000 scientists (National Academy of Science 2008 - Even locally where we are "less informed” according to Bradbury and Battelle - the vote is 97% against it. The 3% for it are TAME employees and their related politicians. Did you really think you could make a statement like that without embarrassing yourself?

  9. Tell me this then, why is this type of project perfectly acceptable other places on earth but not here?

    West Virginia has one now

    In Illinois it is almost ready to pump

    The French are pumping too

    This article explains what is planned in case some aren’t really sure what we are talking about, it has some interesting numbers about how Co2 pipe leaks have not caused fatalities where as gas lines have caused 107 fatalities in the last 20 years (page 3)

    Why are these types of projects safe everywhere they have been tried?

    Here is some additional reading about the Slipner Norway project

    Everyone seems happy to ignore that this is working elsewhere.

    I don't think if it was going to cause earthquakes anyone would have allowed them to build in the North Sea where an earthquake would cause a tsunami such as the one in South East Asia a few years back, but this one would affect Norway, Denmark, Germany, England, and the Netherlands.

    If everyone is so against this then why, do the county's farmers continue to take grain to the ethanol plant? Would it not be much more of a protest if you got all everyone to stop giving the Anderson company material to work with? Oh that’s right they pay pretty good for that grain... It seems that even though people are 'against it' they are happy to take the money.

    Giving people assurance that absolutely nothing bad will happy is impossible; anyone of use could be killed next time we get in the car. By being a safe driver you reduce the chances, but no matter what you do, it could still happen, but I’m not afraid to go for a drive.

    If I go out in my yard and build a 20 foot tall fence around my trees, someone is going to ask why I did that. Now if I say I built it to keep the giraffes from eating the leaves, I wouldn’t be wrong, it would keep the giraffes from eating the leaves, but it wasn’t going to happen anyway, so it was a waste of time and money. Being scared of earthquakes and leaks is like building a fence to keep the giraffes away.

    As far as alchemists and robber barons (who are more associated with the gilded age, when American government did not regulate business, something people here seem to want until it’s inconvenient) I can just see in my mind Galileo, Copernicus, and Columbus being strung up in the center of Greenville, and being condemned for preaching blasphemy because they were saying something that the majority did not believe.

    Now I have heard with my own ears the United States Congress man from this district state that, “His friends across the aisle are illogical and impractical.” Now as most of you may know the “friends across the aisle” are in the majority, and they represent the people that voted for them, same as our elected leaders represent us. So that would mean that the majority of Americans are illogical and impractical by representation. Now I am not saying that is true, because unlike some of you apparently, I do not think that they majority is always right. If so, that means that having a democrat majority in congress is right, it means that a democrat president is right, it means that every law passed by the government is right, it means that every decision ever made by a vote is right. So don’t go telling me that because the majority agrees that makes it right or wrong.

  10. My post could not be completed in one post, so please continue reading...

    As far as me being embarrassed, not a chance, this is working all over the world. Everyone that is busy protesting it will look pretty silly when sequestration goes ahead without any problems. Fortunately for them, no one will make a big issue of them being wrong, not even me, until they go to protest the next thing which comes along, and then people won’t listen. Shades of ‘The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.’

    As far as your 31,000 scientists, that has nothing to do with the sequestration project. They are simply stating they do not believe in global warming, and that America should not be part of the Kyoto treaty, I am sure they will issue the same petition if America is asked to sign the Copenhagen treaty which should be drafted this year.

    As far as their arguments for global warming being a myth, I look at it the same way I look at water. Water is necessary for plant growth, just like Co2, it is a good think, but too much water is a bad thing. Look at the areas of dead crops in any field that has flooded, Co2 is the same way, too much of it will cause problems.

    As a side note I really don’t care what happens either way, it has no affect on me financially or politically. The reason I bother is that people scared of their own shadows means that winter will never end.

  11. I just googled CO2 Sequestration and found that the first CO2 project in the world is in Iceland and will be online in September. Hardly "working all over the world".
    The Iceland project will sequester 2000 tons, small compared to what they want to do here.

  12. Did you not read the other links I gave?

    The Norway project has been underway since 1996, and has so far sequestered 1 million tons annually that means,13 millions tons.

    Do you want the numbers of other projects that are underway? You can find them just as easily as I did, you just have to look.

  13. Oh and FYI the project in Iceland is different they are turning Co2 gas into a soild state, because of chemical reactions with the natural basalt in Iceland.


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