Thursday, July 16, 2009

Opinion from Ken Wombold, Greenville

So the Darke County Sheriff must cut his budget. Is he doing this by laying off good deputies and dispatchers while keeping a convicted felon? Something seems wrong with that. The Darke County Commissioners are strangely silent on this subject. Don’t they control appropriations? A little explanation would be in order. The Darke County residents deserve competent and professional law enforcement protection.


  1. The answer to your question would appear to be "YES."

  2. There is something wrong with that!! The citizens of Darke County need to speak up!!!

  3. Your right the Commissioners control the appropriations it is not thier job to tell him who to hire of fire.

  4. I could say something about casting a stone for those of you without sin...or I could say something about living in glass houses. I could say...I'm not perfect and make mistakes today, that I surely made some dingbat moves when I was younger and that's part of growing up...No, a felony count wasn't part of my growing up process, but learning to forgive was, learning to accept others was and learning how to live with others without judging was....maybe there are a few bloggers out there that could learn those lessons as well-

  5. If this person does the best job should keep their job, is that not America? Getting ahead with hard work? That is why the economy is in the state it is in, the people who work the hardest are not rewarded, everyone finds something wrong with them even if they have turned their life around. I'd like to think that maybe the criminal justice does work sometimes, and this is one of them.

    Also I'd think someone with that kind of background could provide some sort of useful insight in dealing with the criminal mind.


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