Monday, July 27, 2009

Spill gets traced back to Darke County farm

Officials in Miami County discovered a smelly black substance in the Canyon Run Creek on Sunday. The spill was traced back to Darke County, and the Ohio EPA answered a request for information with this response:

Please see the attached spill reports. Our investigator was called to Canyon Run to respond to a spill. He traced the material back to a field tile that lead him to David Ditmer Family Swine Farms, 4226 Red River-West Grove Road. The farm land applies liquid manure from lagoons; however, a broken pipe sent the liquid onto the ground. It then traveled into the stream causing a fish kill. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources determines whether penalties are warranted as a result of fish kills. I would encourage you to contact them for more information. Please let me know if there is anything else that you need.

Best regards, Heather Lauer, Media Relations Coordinator, Ohio EPA

The Spill Report doesn't add much to the discussion, but you can see it here. A request for more information has been sent to the ODNR. Sounds like an unfortunate accident - and hopefully there aren't any penalties.

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  1. i guess their sh** don't stink in Miami County


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