Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Back to School" Prayer Rally

You are invited to join students, parents, teachers and community members in a "Back to School" prayer rally at South School on Sunday, August 30 at 12:30 p.m. at the flag pole. Children are encouraged to bring their back packs to have them prayed over. People of all faiths are invited to participate.


  1. You have to be kidding ! First mixing religion and CO2 and now mixing religion and state schools? Asking for trouble, aren't you?

  2. These people have every right to have their rally. It's called the freedom of religion ... a constitutional right. As long as the school officials aren't leading the prayers, it's perfectly legal. The only "trouble" they might be inviting is from people who don't know what the law is (but think they do).

  3. The "trouble" is for little kids whose religion prohibits prayer meetings. So, they get segregated from their friends---they're "different". Didn't we learn about that when our schools here offered religious education and some kids had to go sit somewhere else during the sessions?> shameful !

  4. Don't you see? What they do is foist this stuff on their children before the kids have any type of ability for independent thought. You get them while they're young, and then you're guaranteed (for the most part) to spread the thought virus from generation to generation, guaranteeing your ideas never die out.

    If they waited until their children were old enough to think for themselves, the whole movement would be so much more feeble than it currently is. It's really kind of scummy.

    At the beginning of the school year, my compatriots and I are going to hold a "Back to School Communist Rally". We're going to turn kindergartner's on to the benefits and goodness of communist ideology. We figure a few years of drilling this into their heads, and we'll have a bunch of communist eight year-olds. Come one! Come all! It will be great fun.

    When you think about it, talking about "little Christian children" should sound just as absurd to us as "little communist children". But it doesn't. We're cool like that.

  5. Don't go bashing the communists, they are just looking for a utopia which is impossible due to the human psyche...

  6. It’s amazing to me how when someone talks of, or prays to God in public, it scares a few. This country was founded on Christianity; it’s the basis of the laws. Now hundreds of years later, special interest groups want to take God out of our Country. They do not want to allow public prayer; they are so offended they try to take God out of out Pledge of Allegiance; God scares them enough that they have made attempts to take God off our money… What else are we going to let these special interest groups take from us Americans? When is enough, enough?

  7. This country was founded because the lack of religious freedom in England. If people want to pray before school. Y'all need to shut up and leave them alone. If the schools were reading the Koran, would everyone be upset about that. At least christianity teaches peace and love towards everyone, about putting others before yourself. Not I'll kill everyone who does not comform to my religion.

  8. Wow, funny you should mention that, have you never heard of the inquisitions? the crusades? the Salem witch trials? And the many other things that have happened over the years, that were done in the name of 'god'...

    And honestly I think it would be good if schools were capable of unbiasedly examining the major religions of the world, so that there is better understanding of what people believe... There are a lot of misguided people out there that learned everything they know about islam from fox news...

    Don't get me wrong at least this group thought enough to invite all faiths... But prying over your book bag? These kids are going to school not to war...

  9. Some people just don't seem to "get" it. As stated, the constitution guarantees freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. That gives everyone the right to worship how they choose, or to not do so. It doesn't protect anyone from seeing or overhearing others engaged in religious activities. Said another way, people are well within their right to pray in any public place.

    If anyone has a problem with people assembling peacefully for the purpose of prayer that's pathetic. This isn't being held during school hours and nobody is required to attend. Those who will attend do so by choice. If you don't like it, don't go...simple as that. This prayer rally infringes on no ones rights, atheist, agnostic, or otherwise.

    As far as how people raise their children, that is their choice. It's a private matter. You would sing a different tune of someone tried to tell you that raising your child to not believe was brainwashing.

    The Communist rally? Have it! Have a Pegan rally, have an Islamic rally, pray toward Taco Bell...it's your right. If someone tells you that you cannot I will defend your right even though I don't believe in it. Parents, children, teachers, community members of all kinds welcome.

  10. I have no doubt that raising children that way and having such a prayer rally is within people's rights. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I just said that it's kind of scummy. And raising a child to allow him to come to the conclusions that he comes to, without coersion, is the opposite of brainwashing. If my child wanted to go to church, I'd take him. If he wanted to go to a synagogue or temple, I'd take him. If he never brought it up, I certainly wouldn't ever bring it up.

    I would encourage him to be curious and to ask questions. I would not foist an entire thought system on him before he had any defenses, and then tell him that if he doesn't accept that thought system, he'll burn in hell for eternity.


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