Monday, August 31, 2009

Commissioners approve expenditures for environmental assessments

At its regular meeting today, the Darke County Commission Board approved the expenditure of $2,300 for environmental assessments to be completed on five county-owned buildings west of the courthouse. $500 of the funds will be for asbestos abatement specifications, while $1,800 will be for a Phase I environmental site assessment. Environmental Assessment Services, Inc. will do the work.

The five buildings in question include the Albrecht building (West Fourth), the former Visitation House (Sycamore Street), the former DARE House (Sycamore Street), and some utility buildings. Business & Safety Coordinator John Cook said the assesments were being done in contemplation of razing the buildings. The buildings would not all be demolished at once, but the cost of the assessments would be the same for one building or five, so it was prudent to do all the assessments now.

No timetable was discussed regarding the demolition of the buildings.

Clarification: there was no discussion of a new courts building at the commission meeting. At this point, the demolition of the buildings may or may not be related to the courts building project.


  1. Neither recession, nor debt, nor falling revenues, nor deep appropriation cuts will deter these gentlemen from their appointed quest of constructing a new courts building!

  2. Oops, I stand corrected. Gentlemen and Lady!

  3. When is the people of Darke county going to wake up and realize that this commission board will not be happy until all three of their names are on a plaque in the new courts facility? Lets keep electing the same people to make these smart financial decisions that will affect us for years to come. This is one more step on the way for the state to come in and run the county since this court endeavor will surely put us into a financial emergency situation.

  4. Yep, they want a Memorial in their name…

    hummm the City is broke; the County is broke; the State is broke; and the Federal Government is broke, however have the ability to keep printing money…. I agree, it’s time to “vote” the bunch out!

  5. Actually, the court house facility was voted in prior to Commissioner Deleplane's appointment, it was after she was elected that the facility was put on hold.

  6. To 9:27 PM
    You are correct as stated. However, she concurred with the project after taking office and it (the project) was proceeding when falling receipts put it on hold. The story that prompted these comments is proof that the "dream will never die."


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