Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ed Huffman announces run for commissioner

GREENVILLE - Ed Huffman, long time Realtor and Auctioneer, has begun his political campaign for Darke County Commissioner. He will be running in the May primary on the Republican Ballot. Huffman feels his many years in business can help Darke County and it's citizens through these tough economic times. He has knowledge and experience dealing with an ever-changing economy, having been through tough and good times.

Huffman is a life long resident of Darke County and a 1977 graduate of Versailles High School. After graduation he was employed in sales, parts and service for many years at the former Elson Ford. He later became the director of Parts & Service at Greenville Ford where he increased profit and customer satisfaction.

Looking for new adventures, Huffman left the Ford dealership to enter the world of Auction and Real Estate and is a two time President of the Darke County Association of Realtors. He feels his most coveted award is his selection as the 1999 Realtor of the Year, which was based on community service and service to the local association. Huffman has served on several Ohio Association of

Realtor committees including legislative and long range steering. In 1998, he served on the Darke County Health Board's septic fact finding committee. He also worked with the City of Greenville bn a committee for a sign ordinance. Huffman has been involved with many organizations throughout the county, such as 4H advisor, Darke County Jr. Fair Livestock sale committee, fundraising for the Light Foundation, Wild Turkey Federation, Youth for Christ, and Big Brothers/ Big Sisters to name a few. He feels his prior experience working with community organizations, city, village, township and county officials make him the man for the job.

Huffman and his wife Diane are Greenville City residents and members of EUM church. They have a daughter, Mindy (Jason) Stebbins, and two granddaughters.

[re-printed from the August 23rd edition of The Early Bird]


  1. I had a feeling the fair would bring out a new candidate. Hard to pass on the opportunity to meet so many people during the fair to try and gather votes.

  2. What is he or you going to do about the jobless rate in darke county if any thing can be done about it?

  3. Maybe he will NOT attack good industries like some others?

  4. The commissioners we have now can’t seem to get the job done… Maybe he would at least attempt to help bring new jobs into the area and try to keep the jobs we have?

  5. "Maybe he would"???

    Well those certainly aren't fighting words... I can maybe possibly do all sorts of things, doesn't mean I'll ever get off the sofa...

    What is his plan, thats the important part... Change for the sake of change isn't always a good idea, unless there is a good plan to pack it up....

  6. The commissioners we have now seem to be spending us (the County) into oblivious… Buying prime property at a high dollar, taking “Renters” out of the private sector (Edison College), and of course since that property is owned by the county, no real estate taxes are collected…

    I agree we need to ask Mr. Huffman his stand on issues and how he will increase the job market, but I don’t think he could do worse!

  7. So, pleassse give us another Republican!

  8. We have 1 new commissioner and we need to replace the other 2, so we can make any headway in this county.

  9. I wonder if he will want to drink the Kool-aid like the new commissioner did with the courts building. We need a bulldog to come in and clean up that office and to spend the money wisely and take responsibility for their own actions. Not blaming their own foolish decisions on others especially regarding the courts building.

  10. I stick by what I posted a few weeks ago: get Zach Hoying back to Darke County! He's the perfect low-30-something young gun to provide something different here. Left within the past 6 months for a lawyer job around Cleveland, I think, but mostly because the job market locally is so stale. Make jokes all you want, as I think someone did last time, but the last thing this county needs when trying to get back on track and get jobs here is someone who is no different than what we have now. We don't need someone retired or nearing the age of leaving the job market. We need someone who is young and still experiencing mobility through the job market.

    There are other young potential candidates I could support, but he was one I know was looking at a potential future in politics and it kills me when Darke County can't keep the "young and talented."

  11. I agree fully with the above poster. The problem is that the idea around the Darke County elections is that even though things are bad, if we make a change they could be worse. Most never think that things could get better. Lets face it. The rest of the world doesn't operate like Darke County, and we need to try something different than we have had in the past 20 years and the last 8 years to get something going in this county.

  12. Add another to the "keep the young and talented in Darke County" wagon. When I heard Zach Hoying left town, I couldn't believe it. But you can't blame him when the economy is the way it is and the local job scene is so putrid. He's a great young man with unlimited potential and I wish him the best.

    All I can say is how many people who could help make a difference in making this a better county are we going to let leave before we wake up and realize how little is being done to ensure that the potential leaders of Darke County tomorrow are still going to actually be here when tomorrow comes?!?!


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