Friday, August 28, 2009

Football Friday - open thread

Our game of the week: Versailles 33, Oakwood 14 ... Versailles showcased the no-huddle spread offense and built a quick 21-0 lead they never gave up. This game was soggy, but that didn't stop Versailles passing game. Video & a photo link above.

Vandalia 14, Greenville 3 ... Reader comment: Neither team could hold on to the wet ball in a 14-3 win for Vandalia / over Greenville. (WKEF22 raw)

Ansonia 52, Ft. Recovery 48 (WKEF22 raw)

West Liberty-Salem 41, Arcanum 7

Bradford 64, Yellow Springs 14 (photos here)

Mississinawa 20, Jefferson 6

Check back Saturday for video highlights of the Versailles game ...


  1. they might not play any games due to the weather!

  2. Neither team could hold on to the wet ball in a 14-3 win for Vandalia / over Greenville.

  3. No Mississinawa score to be found, was it postponed?

  4. Mississinawa won 20-6 over Jefferson, the JV won 56-0 Saturday.

  5. According to the Daily Advocate website (*scoff*):

    Fri. Aug. 28: at Jefferson WIN (20-6) ... take it as you wish.

  6. I got it from someone who went to MV.....

  7. Several sources have now provided the score. Although it was kind of amazing that nobody seemed to be able to confirm that score until today. Looks like we all need to work on our M-V sources a little better ... :)

    Is there anybody out there who regularly attends the Mississinawa games who could email results soon after the games?

  8. I am going to try and go to a few, I'll e-mail or text the results to the games I get to go to.

  9. Thanks! Email: ... or text/call: 937-423-2744.

  10. What is sad, apparently, is that the MV game wasn't sent in to any of the Dayton TV stations ... so if the MV students, players, fans or staff member don't care enough to call in their, can we reasonably expect a student, player, fan or staff person, to relay the score to

    Just askin'


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