Friday, August 21, 2009

Garden Clubs preparing for flower shows at the fair

The Darke County Association of Garden Clubs have been preparing for their two flower shows which will be taking place during the Great Darke County Fair. Dates for the shows are August 22nd. and 26th. The show will be open to view by all fair goers after judging at 3 p.m. on show days and anytime there after when the coliseum is open. There are only a few arrangements on display on the first Friday and on Tuesday afternoon.

Not only garden club members are permitted to enter the horticulture show, but anyone living in Darke County may enter plant specimens. The show regulations and classes are available at the fair office. Be advised, you must have a fair ticket in your name to be able to enter.

As a result of last years judging by accredited Ohio Association of Garden Clubs Judges, the garden clubs received a score of 99% out of a possible!00%, placing them again in first place in the state for fair flower shows. These gals and guys have achieved this honor for many years.

The theme of this years shows is, “Explore the U.S.A.”. Many landmarks and locations in the nation will be depicted thru floral designs with titles such as, Golden Gate , New York Skyline, Mardi Gras, Cape Cod , Space Needle, Empire State Building , which is a floor design 4 ft. and more in height. Others are, Mississippi River , Florida Keys, Las Vegas and Savannah . To name a few.

There are many hours of work involved in planning, cleaning, staging, painting, and papering tables to ready the area for this first rate show. Even more hours are invested with growing the beautiful flowers exhibitors enter to be judged. Then you have the creative loveliness of the floral designs that can boggle the mind.

We have amazing gardeners in Darke County and the designers are some of the best in the state.

See you at the fair!

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  1. One of the areas that makes the Fair Flower show successful and adds a high score to the overall presentation is the Junior Division for kids in ages 6 - 18. They provide a wonderful show, so - "Let's hear it for the kids!!!!"


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