Saturday, August 15, 2009

So ... what's everybody doing this weekend?

And if you know of anything newsworthy going on, leave a comment.


  1. Maybe not newsworthy but playing 18 at Weatherwax in Middletown this afternoon.

  2. Im sure the person from the 1056 AM post is the same person that keeps reminding me that I have to work all weekend. I hope you lose all your golf balls.

  3. My take on golf is this: If you're actually lucky enough to FIND your golf ball after you slice it or whatever, you should immediately go back to the club house and celebrate your find with a few drinks.

  4. Some of the Iowa Hawkeyes golf team was at Weatherwax, they had some sort of non-santioned Big Ten outing.
    A lot of OSU,Indiana, Michigan alums were playing, some of those "kids" can hit it a looooong ways.

  5. going to the fair


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