Thursday, September 24, 2009

Currently: No confirmed cases of H1N1 in Darke County

According to the Darke County Health Department, there currently are no confirmed cases of H1N1 in Darke County. There have been a few suspected cases in the last month, but those were determined not to be H1N1 upon testing. A representative of the health department further said there are no suspected cases currently being tested, and their office has heard nothing from the state health department regarding H1N1 in Darke County. A request for information has also been forwarded to the Ohio Department of Health.

[The inquiry was made due to multiple commenters writing about rumors of an H1N1 case in Darke County.]


  1. thank you for looking into that. what a huge relief! this website is awesome! great job! thanks again!

  2. There will be cases soon. This has the potential of being a big breakout.

  3. I know a guy that brought swin flu back from south america. It was verified.

  4. It seems (at least these are my suspicions) that for whatever reason, the Health Department is very reluctant to release information to the public concerning H1N1 in Darke County.

  5. what information do you want them to release if there are no confirmed cases?

    Can you imagine the hysteria that would build as a result of releasing/discussing every time someone got tested as a precaution? It's looking very likely that it is coming and will spread... but what does the health dept have to gain by holding back info/data?

  6. The thing to keep in mind is that the mortality rate is only 0.71% (according to the W.H.O) and most of those deaths have occured in people with chronic conditions. Most people recover at home without treatment.

    Just remember, all newsmedia are after readership/viewership. This makes them inclined to make things seem more dramatic than they really are. The chance of being involved in a fatal car crash is 1 in 50, much higher than the chance of getting and dying from H1N1, but yet the media doesn't like to give facts that put things into perspective.

    Yes, people will get sick, and a very small percentage will die. If you're a healthy person take standard precautions and don't worry about it.

  7. There are confirmed cases of HIV in Darke county but does that make most people change their ways of living or behaving. There was a news release this week that there is a vaccine for HIV now that is about 30% effective and they act like that is great. The problem would go away on it's own if people would just behave and act like responsible adults.


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