Monday, September 14, 2009

State Agricultural issues discussed

A number of state legislators appeared this evening for an event outside Rossburg to discuss agricultural issues. At the top of the agenda is Issue 2, which is an initiative to pre-empt efforts by the ultra-liberal Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to impose punitive restrictions on livestock farmers. The clear message of the evening was: VOTE YES ON ISSUE 2.

The event was hosted by Jim and Gayle Rismiller.


  1. We should kick every Hsus member out of our country! What are these people thinking? Normal people should not even let these people speak.

  2. so now they can't speak because their views are different than yours?

    I think it's outrageous and i'll vote yes, but c'mon, they're allowed to try all they want. it's up to you, the voter to put a stop to it, but you're not going to stop them from speaking their values and their opinions and trying to do what they see as right.

  3. Yes i will stop them from speaking. Any nut case like them should be kicked out of the country.

  4. I'll bet you listen to talk radio and Fox news everyday and believe that we need to be following the Constitution!

  5. To colormeflabbergasted. Yes dumbass, what else would we follow?


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