Monday, November 30, 2009

The Early Bird launches new website

The Early Bird has re-tooled its website to include many new features, including: a photo-of-the-week, downloadable rate cards and distribution information, a resource directory, obituaries, classifieds, and much more. Check out the site at


  1. I was NOT impressed.

  2. I disagree. The new website is nice. This is a traditional weekly newspaper, and the website is a supplement or guide to the Bird's main product. Jeez!

  3. I think the site is pretty impressive. Especially considering the alternative. The DA site is horrible to navigate and cluttered with junky ads that do nothing but turn off potential customers.

    Also, negative nancy up there should elaborate on what she didn't like, otherwise it's another troll attempt, a weak one at that.

  4. This is basically a website for Ball Publishing, not a newspaper. It is now completely devoid of any news, unless you count classifieds and obits. Being that it's a free newspaper you would expect to see at least a teaser for the main story. The website isn't going to get anyone to open the paper (and view the advertisements that pay for it) that wouldn't have otherwise.

    As far as design, it looks like someone was proficient in the technical aspects of Adobe Flash but has very limited creative/graphic art ability.

    As a reader this leaves something to be desired. If I was looking to do business with them then it's probably adequate.

  5. The Early Bird's new site is an improvement over the old one. It doesn't look as cheap as the previous one, and the addition of the links/resources is handy. Personally, I don't consider the printed version of the Early Bird to be a place for news, so I wouldn't expect to find much, if any, on the site. (Like the darke journal site, it is free ... so there is little room to complain about its "worthiness").

    Secondly, I'd expect DJ to say "the new website is nice." The Early Bird has had an ad on the side bar at for as long as I can remember.

  6. oh please. the new website is nice. and i do like the early bird, which has tons of local news.

    i would agree that the a360 site is a little cluttered, but they are a business and need those ads, i'm sure.


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