Thursday, November 26, 2009

Uninvited couple crashes state dinner

Cab fare to D.C.: $50
Tuxedo rental: $500
Designer dress: $5,000
Scamming the White House at its first state dinner: PRICELESS


  1. It could have been worse. The last person that entered the White House, who didn't deserve to be there, stayed for eight years!

  2. No...the last person that entered the White House is living on our money and not doing a darn thing (except spending it like mad). But, I digress. The topic is these two people. From what I have read about them, they define fraud in the biggest sense of the word. Although I'm not sure how, they should be punished. I read today that they will appear on the t.v. shows to "talk" about their little escapade.... for a hefty price. I really hope that the news media leaves this one alone. In my opinion, these two people don't deserve a penny.

  3. The last person to enter officially was ELECTED not SELECTED. But I digress also. You're correct, these people deserve no publicity or benefit from their actions.

  4. I just read that these tools also crashed an NAACP event (got escorted out), and that they are going to be on the Today show Tuesday. I can not think of enough words that describe such brazen behavior.


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