Thursday, January 14, 2010

Advising of a change in the State of Ohio

Just wanted to tell you all of a change in the law for renewing your licenses, plates and stickers.In the past you had the entire month of your birthday to renew. But do to the passage of HB2, they changed the law so that you must renew PRIOR to your birthday. They did not inform anyone with a license so they can attach a $ 20 late fee to every person who doesn't know about the change.

Ohio license renewal website :

[Note: this was submitted and not independently verified by DJ. Click the link for more info.]


  1. Whoever gave you this story is a moron. I would think you would know this being a lawyer. You have never had until the end of your birth month to renew your plates or your license. There is a reason that both say they EXPIRE on you birthday.

  2. I didn't care enough to check it out. People submit stuff, and unless it's ridiculous, I post it. I warned my readers to check it out for themselves.

  3. The only difference is, if you don't renew them within 7 days after your b-day, you will be charged a $20 late fee, I guess I need to renew my motorcycle plates with snow on the ground.

  4. You have from 90 days before your birthday up to your birthday to do it. That is plenty of time for any person. If they are that irresponsible they should not be driving anyway.

  5. This is true I went in December to renew my commercial truck and trailer plates for my company truck. They are due in December.

    They got the truck plates renewed and then their computer went down state wide and they could not do the trailer. I was then out of state for the rest of year visiting my son. My Birthday is in March.

    I went to renew the trailer after the first of the year and I was told that it (the computer system was down for 2 days. Not my fault but since I did not get them in December I own a $20 Fine.

    This should have been advertised.


    You people are amazing

  7. Do you believe everthing the government tells you? I have proof that this is true just come look at my trailer registration.


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