Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keep Our Community Alive and Competitive! (Betsy Ward)

Our community may be an older one, but it does not have to be a dying one. A new school building, one equipped to accommodate the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum changes for the future, WILL BENEFIT this community NOW. The direct correlation is so clear!

Let’s put this into perspective. Times have changed! Cell phones are replacing home phones. Laptops and Blackberries are replacing home PC’s. Computers are in cars. (No more average mechanics’ jobs; special training and technicians are needed to fix today’s cars.) The world is revolving at the speed of technology and is passing Greenville by while everyone is too busy complaining about the past. Students are leaving this community after school and are not returning after college due to the lack of jobs. New doctors, dentists and business people are moving into Greenville, but are sending their children to other school systems.

My parents’ generation paid for me to have the best education available; their parents paid for them; and so on. Now it is our turn! Everybody is on a “fixed income”, but I am willing to sacrifice in any area necessary in order to provide the best for my children.

Wake up Greenville! If we do not support the students now, why would they want to return to this community to support us later? The current school facilities are old. These facilities were old when I was a student and attended them. They are not up-to-date facilities in which to provide a competitive, educational experience.

Help me help Greenville City Schools in providing the resources necessary to move in a new direction.

Betsy M. Ward


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