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As the District Career Specialist for Greenville City Schools, much of my job is spent focusing on the future – mostly because I work with kids on planning their future goals. On a daily basis, I get to work with amazing young kids who are creative, intelligent, focused, and looking forward to graduating school and beginning their lives. Some will graduate and go straight into the work force, others will move away to continue their education. But when it comes time for them to settle down, begin their careers and possibly start a family - as a community, we should want these kids to set their roots in Greenville.

I believe when families are looking at potential communities to call home, the schools will either be a strong attraction or a strong deterrent. Please help make Greenville to be a place that will attract families as well as businesses and vote “YES” to pass the levy on February 2nd.

Thank you – Sue Huston, District Career Specialist, Greenville City Schools


  1. That is all fine and good thats why I moved back here but the fact remains THERE IS NO JOBS IN GREENVILLE period

  2. After recieving my taxes, I think maybe they have got enough for awhile

  3. Obvious to me that both the above commentators need to return to school and brush up on their spelling and grammar!

  4. It does appear that all three of the above commentators need to return to school to work on spelling, grammer, and complete sentence structure.

    Oh, but please let me not be pickly or trite.


  5. Is our children learning?
    former Pres. G.W. Bush

  6. Career specialist? what's the pay? That's how the school system waste our hard earned money. NO NO NO on any tax as far as schools are concerned.

  7. Before continuing to lambast the school for money management, everyone should read the front page of today's Early Bird about the City budget. Once again, extra money was found which made their carryover $2.4 million. Then it really gets good. The City Auditor recommended (successfully) to reinstate all 3.9% wage concessions, add a 3.9% pay increase for all non-union personnel, and increase all non-union weekly hours back to 40 from 37.5. Other highlights included the hiring of another police officer and to increase the Safety Director's travel & education expenses 400%. (The taxpayers can now have the pleasure of helping him to earn a college degree.) The park board was asked to cut $50,000.
    The auditor also projected this year's revenues at $7.2 million that when combined with the $2.4 million carryover, will provide $9.6 million for the year. She set anticipated yearly expenses at just under $9.5 million. Which would leave a "surplus" or carryover of $100,000. This is managing the taxpayers' money??
    I guess she plans on finding millions more at the beginning of next year. No, I'm not making this up. I guess it's time for a local celebration, the bad economic times are truly over!! Or maybe the Auditor should become a private consultant to find money for agencies and individuals in need.

  8. Hey grace the best thing you can do is quit worrying about spelling and start doing math.So you can figure out how to pay your taxes when they go sky high.This levy is for what 37 years.Do you honestly think they will go 37 years without asking for another levy?I dont.I give them five to ten years and they will be saying they need a operating levy.IT will never stop unless we stop it.


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