Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nation’s First School-City Community Wind Project Celebrates Arrival of Wind Turbines

Randolph Eastern School Corporation and The City of Union City, Indiana, will make history as the first community in the nation to have a wind turbine project produce energy for both a school and a city. Delivery of the first of two turbines will happen with a parade through town at 3:15 p.m. on Friday, January 8th.

Tony Kuykendall, Performance Services, Inc., and business development manager for the project noted, “The project will include two 330-foot high, one megawatt (MW) Nordic WindPower turbines. The revenue generated will benefit the school and the city budgets by offsetting current utility costs. Wind is a tremendous natural resource in Randolph County and we’re excited about partnering with Randolph Eastern School Corporation, The City of Union City, and American Electric Power to utilize renewable wind energy to benefit the taxpayer community and an Indiana public school corporation.”

Bryan Conklin, Mayor of Union City, will be on hand to welcome the turbine. He commented, “Union City is very excited to be the first community in the nation to have a wind turbine for both the School Corporation and City. The goal for our community is to first reduce our use of energy as much as possible. Then, switch to renewable sources of power where it makes economic sense. And, over time, offset the emissions we can't avoid. Climate change poses clear, catastrophic threat. We may not agree on the extent, but we certainly can't afford the risk of inaction. It also allows us to create a new revenue stream for our community. We can create a more sustainable and cleaner world by making wise energy choices for our community.”


  1. WOW!! I want one!

  2. This is great... nice to see small town America leading the way.

  3. Now will they be able to sell there extra electricty back to the power company after the wind turbine is paid for and the school gets there power?

  4. From what I heard, they will start selling the power immediately. Money used will help pay for the wind turbine (which is supposed to take a reasonably short amount of time), then after that it will be direct revenue. For the school it will offset their other energy bills and help increase overall money for the school and the city will use the money as another source of income.

    These two models of the motors are the first to be built and put to work in America. There are several "up" already in Europe of the same model,(getting record setting results), but all are built and manufactured in Idaho...

    I cant remember exactly how they said they paid for it, but I know he, the UC Mayor, said other communities will be watching closely and if they plan to pursue in the same footsets they will more than likely take out bonds to do this.

    The best part about this, in my opinion, is that everything is American, from the manufacturing, to the assembly, to the maintanence. It would be awesome if the old Owens-Corning building could be used for something like this because from what I was hearing out there Tuesday, they are really talking seriously about "several" wind farms going up, and soon...

  5. If you put power INTO the grid, the power company must pay you.


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