Friday, March 19, 2010

DJ Wants You To Read This Article

Another president who's fighting the wrong war

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  1. Amen! At the cost of sounding cruel I have no interest in the current health care overhaul because I am employed. My wife, however was laid off in November, (white collar, layoff = termination). She cannot find anything remotely close to her previous salary. In fact unemployment is the best $ option now but this is just plain sad. We need jobs. I'm even in favor of protectionism, (BUY USA) even if it costs more. I paid 89 cents more at Walmart for plastic hangers made in the USA vs cheap Chinese. This country will come full circle someday. Probably not in my lifetime. We started with Mexico, then Central America, Asia. The only place left to exploit is Africa. Once we raise their standard of living there will not be enough Americans with money to buy their cheaply produced goods. We'll bring it back home and only then will we dig ourselves out of this.


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