Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Greenville Auto Lube loses court decision (w/ update)

Original post from 03/29/10:
Read about it here.

Update: On July 21, 2010, the Ohio Supreme Court refused to accept a further appeal on the Auto Lube case (click thumbnail to the right).


  1. I am Jeff Shank...this was my case. I was just informed of the results of the case being on Darke Journal and so I would like to say the following:
    I am very proud that our system of law here in Darke County has worked for 'The People'. While it was my case personally, I see it as a demonstration of outstanding professionalism on the part of Judge Julie Monnin, our local judge who ruled in the case, my counsel Carrie Blinn, who did an excellent job arguing against Jose Lopez, and our expert witness with reguard to obtaining attourney fees in addition to the repair costs.
    The Defendant had every opportunity to correct this situation and make it right, yet chose not to. If a business clearly does something wrong, and you have to fight in court to be compensated for the damage, why should they not also pay for your attorney?
    While the law is somewhat complicated with respect to attorney fees, all of the above mentioned representing myself, and our local Judge did an outstanding job navigating these complications and bringing forth justice as is the intent of our system of law.
    Today, more than the happiness of winning the case, I am proud to be a Darke Countian...we have some very capable people surrounding us.
    My additional thanks to Ron Garret Chevrolet, who allowed Phil Ayette, my expert mechanical witness to testify, and to Phil as well.
    Thank you all, and congratulations!
    Sincerely, Jeff Shank

    now who gets the lube?

  3. not the first or last time Greenville Auto Lube gets sued

  4. I am glad this was resolved, though this is exactly the kind of crap that gives attorneys, insurance companies, and businesses a bad wrap. Auto Lube caused the problem-fix it and move on. Quit wasting everyones time. Very happy to see the bottum feeder attorneys from Troy lost for once.

  5. I enjoyed this post and found it educational. The more documents like this I read the easier they become to understand. I would not mind seeing more court documents posted on DJ associated with local cases. For example, indictments and sentencing on high-profile crimes.


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