Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Non-news event: child hit on bike near courthouse

About 4pm. The child appeared to be ok.



  1. Why do the citizens need a fire truck for a bicycle accident? No oil or other fluids are leaking.

  2. maybe the fire truck is what hit the kid?

  3. And people wonder why the citizens of Greenville are fed up with wasteful spending....take a good look around the community. But yes, we are to cut back and vote for the schools...give me a break!!!!!!!!

  4. I have been told that a fire truck blocks the road to protect the injured and the rescue team from oncomming traffic.

  5. If your kid was hit by car wouldn't you want all the emergency people there you could have?? I would want all them there for my kids. Not something that to take lightly or to make ignorant comments about!!!!


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