Monday, March 29, 2010

Stop by BTO Frozen Yogurt

Would you like to include a HEALTHY TREAT /SNACK in the Easter Basket this year? Stop in at BTO SELF SERVE FROZEN YOGURT for a GIFT CARD. We offer Gift Cards in any dollar amount you choose. Enjoy the delight in the eyes of your little ones, when they discover that the Easter Bunny has given them the gift of a trip to the YOGURT PLAYGROUND. At BTO SELF SERVE FROZEN YOGURT they can create their own ice cream Sunday. Best of all, you can feel good knowing you have given them a HEALTHY SNACK.

Stop by BTO, located at 1305 Wagner Ave. (formerly Brooks Hallmark) Greenville for a gift card and while there, treat yourself to a healthy snack.


  1. Just how healthly can it be if it's topped with cookies and/or candies? Plain yogurt isn't any fun.......

  2. In my opinion, frozen yogurt is better described as "healthier" when compared to ice cream. It has less fat and sugar, and there are probiotic and other nutritional benefits. The enzymes make it easier to digest for those with lactose intolerance. But, frozen yogurt is still a dessert, and has more fat and calories than regular yogurt.

    One-half cup is approximately 120 calories and 5 g of fat (and who eats just half a cup?). Obviously whipped cream, candy, and syrups add calories. There are reduced fat and non-fat frozen yogurts, but they may contain more sugar or artificial sweetener (chemicals) to compensate.

    If you're in the mood for ice cream, do yourself a favor and give frozen yogurt a shot. If you want a healthy snack, stick with the veggies and hummus, fruit, natural peanut butter on 100% whole wheat crackers, small handful of almonds, etc.

  3. Some people just can't be pleased. Besides, there's like 12 different flavors, and use candy in moderation. Simple concept right?


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