Monday, March 29, 2010

They are free enterprise!

For more information, check out:


  1. Very hip and well done; would love to see more of their innovative presentations.

  2. Who are these guys? They make Greenville sound like a nice place to live!

  3. Thanks Alex and Joe! Really appreciate your great comments!

    Check out:

    For a little more info!

  4. If Greenville/Darke County can retain people like these two... we really do have a promising future in this area of Ohio.

  5. Well, they got me to click their link. Granted, the video wasn't anything I couldn't do with a basic video editor on the computer, but I am a sucker for homemade videos.

    By the way, you need to correct some serious errors on your site. See below and read it a few times and see if you notice them. I can't very well highlight them on this board with basic typing all that is available:

    This promotional film was produced in and around Greenville, Ohio to Highlight several local favorite small businesses. The films producers are Justin Powell and Mat Heffner, local residents and small businesses owners who own do social network marketing for small businesses. The film will be used to promote these local businesses as well as be entered in a film contest called, "I am Free Enterprise" that is being held by the National Chamber of Commerce. For more information about the contest visit:

  6. "Anonymous",

    Thanks so much for the views we really appreciate your participation!

    Also "Anonymous" thanks for the time that you have invested in looking at and making recommendations for our website! We have made the changes that you have suggested and we're working hard to have it in tip-top shape for Sunday when we hope to get featured in a local newspaper. We determined that it would be more beneficial to drive viewers to a site that promotes Greenville and has links to the featured Greenville businesses rather than YouTube! We didn't count on getting any traffic to until then so it's not near what we would have liked it to be (our bad). Again thanks so much for your help!

    If you have any other ideas or suggestions we're always open to friendly encouragement!

    Justin Powell

    Matt Heffner

  7. No problem. I saw it was for a competition and figured you'd be kicking yourself for that paragraph in the future.

    By the way, you are small BUSINESS owners, not small "businesses" owners. :) I PROMISE I AM NOT AN ENGLISH TEACHER!!! :) :) :)


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