Friday, April 30, 2010

Greenville Township Fire Chief resigns

Greenville Township Fire Chief Chris Greer resigned today (Friday, April 30, 2010). Chief Greer is the only chief in the history of the Greenville Township Fire Department, which was created three years ago.

Greer took on the difficult task of leading of leading a new agency, helping to build a volunteer fire department from the ground up. Greer served with dignity and skill while assuming the task of protecting one of the largest townships in Ohio.

DarkeJournal would like to thank Chief Chris Greer for his leadership and service during these past three years. Best wishes.


  1. Chris Greer served the people of Greenville Township with honor. I do not think people realize how difficult it is to start something as big as a fire department. Chris gave of himself tirelessly, made a lot of runs in the last 3 years, and devoted many, many hours to make our department one to be proud of. I am sure that the toll it took on him finally wore him down. He served us all to the best of his ability, and for that we can only say "Thanks Chris, for all you did"

  2. People dont realize the amount of time that Chris has sacrificed for the Township. Thanks Chris.

    Aaron Cox

  3. As a fairly recent transplant to Greenville, I cannot see the logic in having two fire departments, one for the city and one for the township, especially since the township surrounds the city. To me, it is a testament to a community's inability to cooperate with each other. I see it with the police and sheriff. I also see it with those who are against the school bond issue for circumstances that happened long ago. People cannot get along, they hold grudges, and this results in poor decision making and little being accomplished.

    This comment is no reflection on Chris Greer. I'm sure he did a fine job as chief of this fire department that shouldn't exist to begin with.

  4. Having a child in sports with one of Chris' kids was an eye-opener to how much off-duty time he dedicated to his job. Many times he had to leave an event. Chris does a great job coaching and is just an all-around nice guy. We wish him the best in his next venture.

  5. Chris, thank you for serving our community.

  6. Thanks for all you did! Good luck in the future.


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