Monday, April 19, 2010


The League of Women Voters of Darke County will once again sponsor a Candidates' Forum for the May Primary Election on Monday, April 26 from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM at the American Legion, Ohio Street in Greenville.

This non-partisan forum will focus on the contested candidates in the primary for Darke County Commissioner, 2nd District Court of Appeals Judge and 5th District State Senate. At the conclusion of the program, the League will present information on the State and local issues.

Candidates listed below will give two minute introductory speeches. Following that, they will answer questions. The public is encouraged to attend and submit written questions. Questions are then screened by a panel of League members, equally represented from the Democratic and Republican parties. The following candidates are listed in the order that they will appear on the program.

  • State Senate, 5th District (Vote for one): William D. Beagle ( R) or Joe LeMaster ( R). The successful candidate will oppose Fred Strahorn (D) in the November General Election.
  • Court of Appeals, 2nd District, term commencing Feb. 10, 2011, (vote for one): Mike Hall ( R) or George Reynolds ( R). The successful candidate has no opposition in the November General Election.
  • Darke County Commissioner: (Vote for one): Ed Huffman (R), Bob Robinson (R) or Mike Stegall (R). The successful candidate will oppose David Niley (D) in the November General Election.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization with the major purpose being to inform voters about the candidates and issues. Funding for voter service activities comes from the League House Tour and other fundraisers. For further information about the League, call Diane Johnson , League Co-President, 547-3339.


Appearing at the League of Women Voters' Candidates’ Night for the Primary at the American Legion, Monday, April 26 will be the opposed candidates for Darke County Commissioner. Back row, left to right:: Irene Winterrowd, Voter Service Chairperson, Loretta Etzell, the League moderator for the evening and Karen Brooks, League Co-President. Front row, left to right: Ed Huffman, Bob Robinson and Mike Stegall. The successful candidate will oppose David Niley in the November General Election.


  1. Will this event be slanted? The League's officers include the "silent" campaign manager for Robinson.

  2. Who would that be????

  3. Ed - Looks like some movie scientist.
    Bob - Looks like the grinch who stole christmas.
    Mike - a younger version of Rodney Dangerfield with a deer in the headlights expression.

  4. to Anonymous April 21, 2010 @9:22 pm:

    I think that that is one of the best, and funniest descriptions of us I have ever heard!! I particularly like the one about me!! In the words of Larry the Cable guy, "I don't care who you are, that's funny right there!!

  5. Don't forget the "I get no respect" line!

  6. Don't forget the "I get no respect" line!


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