Friday, April 23, 2010


The Darke County Commissioners have signed a proclamation designating April 18 to 24 as National Volunteer Week. The HandsOn West Central Ohio volunteer program has planned volunteer recognitions in all four of their counties this week with the first one beginning in Darke County. Along with recognizing all their wonderful volunteers, they are giving awards for RSVP Volunteer of the Year, Corporate Good Citizen Award, Agency Partner of the Year, and Voice for Volunteering.

HandsOn West Central Ohio, including RSVP, is a program of Council on Rural Services… programs for innovative learning.

Obligatory photo of smiling commissioners.


  1. Why the caption underneath the photo of "Obligatory photo of smiling commissioners"? Seems like a pot-shot to me when I look at other pics on your site and there are no similar captions.

    How about under the ads for Robinson you put "Obligatory picture of someone who can't figure things out for the life of him"?

  2. That caption cracked me up!!! I think it is perfect!
    However, I completely agree that - to be fair ;) - there SHOULD be such captions under creeps like Robinson.

  3. It was a joke! And lay off Robinson.

  4. Yes, remember Reagan's 11th commandment!

  5. "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican."

  6. You tell people to "lay off Robinson" and you shut-down comments on your posts where people associated with him show just how much of a lunatic you have to be to support him, yet you leave up and allow comments from people to rip on Ed Huffman's idea for taxing tickets to Eldora?

    And here I thought the DarkeJournal wasn't giving political endorsements? Sure looks like you are if you ask me!

  7. He is not really a Republican. He is only running with an "R" next to his name because he was told that he could not win in Darke Co. without it. And that's no rumor- he told me personally, several times!

    Reagan would be fine with it.


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