Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ninety-nine and looking fine

What is beauty? Is it the perfect make-up, designer clothes, diamond jewelry or the latest in hair styles? Or is it that contagious spirit living inside a woman that illuminates making others desire to be just like her? Maybe it’s both. True beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Be it a family member, your spouse or the ninety-nine year old woman I recently met at Alexis Hair Studio, here in Greenville.

A couple days before my hair appointment, I received a call from my stylist, Becky Hunt who owns the salon. She asked me if I would come in a little later than scheduled. “Of course” I replied then asked “why”? She informed me that she had “a regular” that wanted my 8:30 am appointment. Curious, I asked who and was told a ninety-nine year old lady. I thought to myself, “Ninety-nine and looking fine” and still going to the beauty shop,” just how cool is that? I knew at that very moment that I must meet this woman.

Her name is Florence Greenhoff and she was born May 19, 1910, in Darke County, where she has lived most of her life. She has three children and is widowed twice. She is open to dating, if the right guy comes along, chuckles her friend, Ann Starks.

I learned that Florence loves to cook and entertain. She hosted many parties for family and friends and has many friends; young and old alike, who continue to keep in touch and visit to have dinner with her. She lives at Fox Run, a senior community, and still drives to her many social activities.

She has played music “by ear” all her life on such instruments as the piano, organ, accordion and harmonica. She visits the Gade Healthcare Center to entertain on her keyboard, as well as friends at the Brethren Home and other facilities. She has a wonderful sense of humor and people continually tell her she is amazing and an inspiration to them due to her upbeat attitude, energy and zest for life.

Next month, May 19th to be exact, Florence will mark her 100th Birthday! Her family plans a wonderful party of celebration on the 16th where this time she won’t have to cook. There will be many friends and family honoring her special day.

As I sit back and marvel at this woman sitting under the hairdryer, sporting her little pink curlers and reading the National Enquirer, my mind fast forwards to my own life. She certainly is “Ninety-nine and looking fine!” At her age, I truly hope to be as beautiful as Florence B. Greenhoff, both on the inside as well as the out. [submitted by E.G.]

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