Thursday, June 24, 2010

Steve Baker follows up with video on new Versailles school

Comprehensive video on the new school - and what the district will be doing with all the old buildings. [click image]


  1. The new school looks great, and is a fine addition to their community. After much "argument" with those that live in North Star, the nay sayers understood that this would be best for the district as a whole.
    It's too bad that the Greenville residents don't get it. Most people that live in Versailles already think that they are better than every other community in Darke Co. This certainly won't help in those matters...Oh wait, Ansonia, FM, and Arcanum are doing what's best for their schools too. I guess that they are all better than "poor" Greenville.
    C'mon people.....VOTE YES. You can manage to give our kids a better building-expecailly with the state funds being offered. Eat out one day a week less, stop/cut back smoking, drink a little less beer, shop better at the grocery/use coupons, grow a garden, don't make needless trips around town-consolodate driving, color/cut your own hair....just a few suggestions, folks.
    Last but not Susie Reigle and talk to her about this. I did, and I changed my mind (I voted no previously). I came to see that I had been wrong because I was listening to rumors and heresay. After I sat down with her, then went home and talked about it with my family, I did change my mind.
    No - a new school building won't bring jobs etc., but sometimes it is a turn in the right direction and those of us that had our public education paid for by someone else need to re-pay the favor with no bitterness.

  2. AMEN !!!!!! Our kids deserve it! Greenville residents need to realize this!

  3. The question should be now, will they have enough funds coming in to operate, or will they need another operating levy?

  4. The funds will be there for a good while, not to worry... but like ANY school system-new buildings or not-operating levies will be part of the picture in the distant future. Until the state education gurus in Columbus figure it out, this is how Ohio works.

  5. Good post, Jeff. Agreed, the state of Ohio needs to figure it out because it isn't just G'ville going through this mess, it's a lot of other districts and many are far worse off than we are at the moment (Springboro comes to mind).
    I'm glad for Versailles, Arcanum, FM, Bradford, Ansonia, Brookville, and all of the other districts that have managed to get new buildings in the past 5-10 years. I hope that G'ville can manage to get this through too.
    I've never talked to Ms. Reigle. I guess I should, huh?

  6. versailles belongs to the MAC league /mac means many arrogant citizens.

  7. Very Funny, 10:44.......and very true, too.
    True story-I ran into someone that I had not seen for awhile and she asked me if my kids were in school now. I said yes. Because we live closer to Versailles than Greenville, she asked who their teachers were. When she didn't recognize the names, she said something like, "Oh, they don't go the Versailles"? when I told her they went to Greenville, she said, and I quote, "Well, you should really open enroll them here, much better people".
    I'll have all of you know that our kids have had great teachers, and have done very well in school so far. They also have good friends that don't consider beer to be part of the daily food chain.
    Versailles is a nice community and the new school is something else. Good for them, but 10:44 is sooooooo right. Arrogance runs high.

  8. Wow 7:42, that sounds like my mother-in-law.

    Currently we're trying to sell our house since we've out grown it and my mother-in-law keeps telling us to open enroll. We're considering moving to Troy over Versailles.

  9. I think MAC means Many Accelerated Communities. Check out New Bremen, Minster, Coldwater, etc. These communities have schools with superior academic performance, great sports programs, and other outstanding extracurriculars. The homes are nice, the crime is low, and on the whole are very nice places.

    These people are very proud. You can tell they love their communities. If someone is excitedly speaking about their accomplishments I can understand that jealous ears might hear this as arrogance.

    Instead of taking pot shots at Versailles and these other MAC communities perhaps we need to look at what they are doing right. We don't make Greenville look better by trying to make the "competition" look bad. Stand up for Greenville, get involved with Citizens4Change or another group, and make this a proud community that others look up to.

  10. Josh - if you read the comments, no one was really bashing teh new school in Versailles....just the people and their viewpoint towards those not from there. Get a clue, dude.

  11. Anonymous - Perhaps you need to get the clue. I never said people were bashing the new school. What I said was they are taking pot shots at Versailles. The comments above show my statement to be correct: there are several referring to the people as arrogant and one implying that they are alcoholics.

    It sounds like jealous people trying to rain on a parade. My point is, Greenville doesn't get better from people making negative remarks toward our neighbors. Focus the critical eyes within and use it to identify areas for improvement.

    Congratulations to Versailles on their new school.

  12. the 10:44 comment was told by a person from versailles not greenville.

  13. Let's just celebrate the Versailles community and their achivements and hope that we as Darke Countians can come together and let the real outsiders, those not in our county know we all live in a great place and the lights are on for everyone to join us here in Darke!

  14. Over the years, I have lived in a few communities in Darke County. When we were planning to move to Versailles years ago, I was "warned" that we would not be accepted here. We would be shunned by those who were born and raised here. Nothing could be further from the truth. We were made to feel very welcome in the community. We are involved in activities in the town, and we've met so many wonderful people over the years who we now call our friends.

    There will always be people in every community that thing their town is better than another one. Don't say it is just Versailles.

  15. Saying the town of versailles is full of arrogant people due to one comment is like saying everyone in Greenville is a sex offender due to the Graham houses. Get real. Neither is the case. The point is that instead of insulting others perhaps you need to look around and get things changed for the better in your own city. Everyone has the opportunity, some just tend to ignore it.


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