Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank you from BTO Yogurt

To friends, neighbors and readers of Darke Journal,

I wanted to say THANK YOU to all. My husband Jeff Shank and I opened BTO SELF SERVE FROZEN YOGURT in July 2009. It has been a fun and interesting ride. I love running and working at the local Yogurt shop and I have enjoyed the rhetoric of the last few days on the chat regarding our store and product. All the yogurt served at BTO has a milk base so yes it does contain dairy. Our product is very low in fat and calories and it all contains live active pro-biotic yogurt cultures. What we offer is a healthy treat/snack at .39cents per ounce. We also offer the opportunity to 'JUST DO IT....YOURSELF" as our new t-shirts say. An average serving of frozen yogurt is about 5 oz. At BTO this is a cost of $1.95. So if you want the alternative of a healthy snack, and a clean pleasant atmosphere, stop in and spend about $2.00. If you want to super-size your snack it will cost you more.

We have a new mailbox of which I am very proud. All the chatter started with a comment regarding "where is super John" in relationship to our new mailbox. I offer my Thank You to John Schmidt for starting all this chatter. I am most thankful for the 99% positive comments. I want to invite i69 to visit BTO Self Serve Frozen Yogurt for a free taste and to share any ideas for possible improvement of our product and or store/operation.

I would also like to say that if the employees and or elected officials of Greenville and Darke County would spend half as much time and resources attempting to help new business upstarts as they do hasseling them, we all would greatly benefit.

Yesterday sales were up approx $50.00, that's about 25 more customers. Thank You Darke Journal and readers.

Pam Musser Shank

[Additional note: my vanilla yogurt with coconut and almonds yesterday was great, cost $1.91, and was more than I could eat.]


  1. My chocolate and vanilla were great too. Except for the brain freeze I got because I ate too fast! :)


  3. It's located on Wagner Avenue in the Strip Mall one store away from Subway. Be sure to try it out... the Peanut Butter is my favorite...I also like the squeeze on caramel on it.

    Lots of flavors.. 18 every day. Nutella is also very good.... Really I have not had any I did not like.

    We need to support these unique businesses so they can make it here... I feel the same way about Janet's bakery. Why not order your next birthday cake from Janet's Bakery and get a take home container of yogurt to go with the cake!

  4. Not only is the frozen yogurt healthy and great tasting (I like the mango :), Jeff and Pam are wonderful people. Darke Co. needs to support innovative new businesses like BTO! The city should lighten up on these new businesses, and help them succeed rather than make them jump through hoops.

  5. LOVE this yogurt!! Everyone should try it.

  6. Such a shame people starting new business wants to slam the City & County (and don't forget the State) for all the rules... Your elected politicians enact these rules and the employees are left to enforce them and take the brutal comments.

  7. what's going on here? Is the city up to no good again?


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