Sunday, June 20, 2010

The top 11 reasons dads are great

In celebration of Father's Day, we came up with the Top 11 reasons that Dads are great:

11). Dads are smart. They teach you what's important (God), and what's really not (cell phones).
10). Dads can teach you how to ride a!
9). Dads will protect you like an alligator!
8). Dads will read you The Christmas Story- like 1,000 times!
7). You can tell your Dad anything - don't be afraid because he'll listen!
6). Dads take you to do fun things when Mom is "Off-Duty."
5). Dads are good at homework when Mom doesn't get it.
4). Dads are funny because they think they are cool when they try to sing your music in the car.
3). Dads are nice for snuggling.
2). Dads always appreciate what you give them, especially if it’s a BIG hug!
1). Dads LOVE you!

Happy Father's Day Dad and to all the Dads out there!

Sincerely, Emma and Reese

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