Friday, July 30, 2010

Tea partiers have bad experience in New Madison

Dear Family, Friends, and Fellow Americans,

I am writing about a story that simply amazes me.

For the past two days a few of my friends, and I were passing out flyers. These flyers are basically our Tea Party Mission Statement. We also were passing out little cards that had what President Ford once said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government that can take everything you have.” While holding the Gadsden flag, my friends handed out the flyers. My knees are badly arthritic. I needed to sit down awhile, and my friend Jesse told me to walk, maybe 40 yards away, to sit on a bench outside this particular store in New Madison, Ohio. I said that I would wait until our Commander Al came over to relieve me. Al just happened to be sitting on that bench having a cup of coffee with James. Al being 76 years of age was just relaxing shooting the breeze with James. All of a sudden Jesse, and myself see a lady come out of the store, and take the bench. She brings it into her store. Later we find out what transpired. The lady came out, and asked Al to get off her property. Al said that it was public property. The woman said that she wanted them to get off of her bench. Al stated that since the bench was on public property they had a right to sit on it. Then the woman took the bench inside. The same woman called the sheriff’s office a few minutes earlier.

My problem is this. Has the world become so rotten as not to let someone sit down that is elderly? The world, has it become so bad that you can't give comfort to someone who has been standing in the sun for awhile, needed some shade, and a place to rest? I would never do this to anyone. Maybe this is why I don't understand. This country is the greatest country in the world. It has thrived on the freedom of different people’s religions, color, nationalities, opinions, and beliefs. The present administration wants us to fight each other. This way they can do what they want. Is this what you want? Is this a new low in America’s history? What I am asking is for you to think. If you think that nothing will change this country’s present course…think again. Remember the old saying, “United we stand. Divided we fall.” Now that is something to think about. Only you as a people can make things happen. If you believe in what our tea parties believe, please support them. We need all the help we can get.

Sincerely, Jerry G


  1. "commander Al"... give me a break.

    Would you let dirty hippie commie scum sit on your sidewalk?

  2. I think it was about the person who was on the bench.....they are not welcome in a lot of areas for numerous reasons.

  3. Ha ha ha.... she probably heard about Al's potty mouth ! The red men call him "he-who-swears-in-church.

  4. Remind me not to go to New Madison.

    That is terrible.

  5. While yes, it is unfortunate and rude, I do not think that Obama called her up and told her to not let you all sit down. I can't see that happening. Bad person....perhaps. Out to snuff the tea partiers....not likely.

  6. As long as Al is leader of the tea party in this area, you will continue to have opposition. Al is very polarizing and has a way of making people feel uncomfortable. It would be good for the party if he would step down as leader and maybe become more of a back seat player.

  7. There are "Tea Parties" and then there are "Tea Parties"----- these people are led by an idiot.

  8. "Remember the old saying, “United we stand. Divided we fall.” Now that is something to think about"

    Although I am not a big fan of our current administration I find it hard to understand why someone would preach this saying but not put it into practice. You are basically telling us United we stand but only if you stand with us. That is wrong in my opinion.

    As for the lady who took the bench away, that is wrong as well and I would never darken the doors of that store again. She should be ashamed.

  9. Maybe New Madison is just like the rest of the county, this tea party and it's members aren't welcome.

  10. dw
    July 31, 2010 12:01 PM
    It is hard for me to realize all of the negative comments about a group of people that love their country and are trying to show people how to keep their freedoms.

  11. This country has freedom of speech, you know know whats even better, we also have the fredom to listen or not to listen to their BS, I put our counties tea party in the same category as Al Sharpten and Jesse Jackson, people I choose not to listen too.

  12. @Anon 1203 They love their country and are trying to keep their freedoms.

    "Taxed Enough Already"

    I bet Al sure enjoyed the road he drove on to get there. And the regulations that made his car safe. And if he wrecked on his trip an ambulance would come help him. The guy in the ambulance went to high school and got educated to go on and learn about first aid. At the same time we can go outside without fear of invasion since the military protects us.

    Oddly enough all this was made possible, by taxes. I see them as the opposites of patriots. A patriot supports his country and defends it when necessary. Al simply bitches about taxes.

    I would have taken my bench away too.

    And for all the people protesting that little supermarket, I'll be sure to go out of my way to shop there.

    As far as the lady, and the "public property bench", they own it. If they ask you to leave their property you leave their property plain and simple. Wal-Mart can do the same. And not just the fact that she took the bench, she did ask him to leave and he didn't.

    Besides, for all we know he was soliciting on her property. I'd be curious to hear a rebuttal.

  13. new madison residentJuly 31, 2010 at 11:27 PM

    I think there is more to this story than what has been reported by a bystander who didn't hear the conversation.

  14. i agree there is more to this.I all so think it is kind of lame to hold a tea party in new madison.The woman had every right to take her bench if she paid for it witch im sure she did.

  15. Idiot leadership aside, I think the property owner rules everytime (or should), and prevailed in this instance with the appropriate aggressiveness when inspired to do so.

    Cheese-eaters and passivists make me sick, and Darke County is full of them. They worry about their "$10/hr job" and what they say publically at every turn. For examples, just look at the county roll of employees (all homeboys and girls) that have the skills sets of a frog outside their cube farm. You don't see them complain about anything.

    Many to most are over-employed, and that's why taxpayers (tea partiers aside) are getting smarter about their government. It's refreshing to see people asking questions about their county and city governments and why things are done the way they are. "Because we've always done it that way" doesn't cut it anymore, and all change is good these days with a dying economy. Being an ostrich to change has a price.

    What part about being flat broke, no benefits, no retirement, and no future can't locals understand? The PERS employees seem to enjoy the ride though.

    Property owners have this "advantage" by "paying taxes", and rights come with that situation either implicitly or implied. Kick the bums off your property when that is required!

    Good for NM, and good for the property owner. I hope the rest of the county follows suit when some smart-&ss opens his/her mouth! Go beef.

    Not a Democrat for sure author ....

  16. I love the Tea Party. They want to "Take back THEIR country" but get mad when the lady decided to "TAKE BACK" her bench.

    Then the guy has the guts to talk about "United we stand, divided we fall" when the whole premise behind his group is to go against the current administration which was elected by a majority of the country's electorate, just like provided for in our Constitution. These Tea Baggers are a joke. They talk bad about career politicians yet back people like Boehner? Yeah right. Throw them all out, dems and repubs or drop it. People see through your smoke and mirrors. Go home and watch some more Faux News!

  17. Okay, she took her bench. I think the story is also about taking a bench from an elderly gentleman. Maybe you don't like what they are saying, or you don't care for one of the men, you still treat them with respect. Oh yeah, we as a society have no clue how to do that.


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