Thursday, August 26, 2010

Barbara Rhoades' illuminary design wins Best of Special Classes at the fair

An Illuminary design from the Special Class called the Grand Illumination was named "Best of Special Classes," in Wednesday's Fair Flower Show. The designer is Barbara Rhoades, a member of Wildflower Garden Club. She used florissant green bulbs in canned lights, for the luminary feature, with Calla Lilies and Caladium for the flowers in the design. It was all staged in a black structure which gave it a very modern feel. The background is silver fabric which has many tiny prisms which reflect any light it catches.

This is a creative design class featuring lighting in the design to enhance it, but not overwhelming it.

The Darke County Garden Clubs invite everyone to come see their Number "1" show in the state of Ohio for fair flower shows

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