Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Levy too close to call (but doesn't look good)

With all the precincts in, the votes are: 2698 for / 2778 against. However, 139 provisional and Monday ballots are yet to be counted. Also, any mailed-in votes can still be received and will count if postmarked by today. No official results will be available - because of the closeness of the vote - until August 16th.

UPDATE: While very close, the margin is probably too big to overcome with the votes left. Unless there was some complete breakdown in the counting process, this levy is likely a narrow defeat.


  1. The Noblest Motive is the Public Good.

  2. 2698 vote for it this time (so far)...2717 voted for it last time. Sounds like the same people are coming out to vote for it again. I think GCS have enough people pissed off that they won't be able to sneak it through like they had for the operations levy in 2009. Let people simmer a while and the state will come back with another opportunity for school building funds in 2011, at which time GCS starts the cycle all over again.

  3. 9:32 It is apparent that you didn't read Mr. Funderburg's article in the Early Bird. He stated that we drop to the bottom of the list (376?) for a chance at school funding to come our way again. Another school district will be using our tax monies that we paid to build its new school. What didn't this community understand?

  4. if it fails again,i will hand out tissues,to all of you cry babies.i cant stand to hear this crap any more. move on!!!!
    i voted no and thats the way it should be.no higher taxes for me...

  5. Guess again. You will need the tissues if this doesn't pass. Do you really think the taxes will not increase...they will increase more - no government funding means you pay more! Do your homework!

  6. Ya no it is funny to me that we went threw this with Bush and Gore in 2000.Yet people still dont get it .A 80 vote differance and they have yet to count the mailed in ballots or the monday ballots.Sounds real fishy to me.They will count until they get the votes they need.It is really hard times when the school board has to cheat the public to get a levy passed.I think this town needs a new school too but the people have spoken 2 times and now a third.Quit beaten it and give up evan a dog knows when hes whipped.

  7. special k:
    You will be paying higher taxes in the future for schools. It's apparent that you didn't understand or you would have voted "yes".
    When the state comes back, we will have to build 2 buildings at a higher cost. Start saving your pennies!

  8. The state gives money and it won't be much higher because the new building will be more efficient. The schools now need a ton of repairing which are fees you don't know about. Also in a new building kids get better opportunities to learn which makes the school look better which will have them recieve more grants.

  9. I am happy to have moved to a place where the community cares about its children.

  10. provisional ballots? Is that like hitting a provisional ball in golf?

  11. So glad i moved out of greenville to mississinawa school district..say what u want about union city but we have a nice school and ur kids will continue to go to class in trailers...lol

  12. Ok, when are there going to be DJ readers knocking down the doors of the Board od Elections screaming that they couldn't understand the ballot? That they thought they were voting for the levy, when actually the language of the ballot or its design was resulting in their voting against the levy?

  13. A building does not encourage learning. Children going to one room school houses learned just as well if not better than children today. I heard Ms Riegle say that a new building would attract new businesses to the area. What? Listening to these public people and politicians go on and on about what will bring in businesses is really getting ridiculous. We need to return to relying on common sense on how to bring in these businesses. These businesses can help support education financially. Hit them where it counts to them, in the bank account. Look at tax breaks and incentives to attract them. Yes, we probably do need new buildings but when they try to hide there is a vote, try to shame parents into voting yes, protect negligent teachers that should be let go, etc. you get very angry people voting on important issues. Again, the building has little, if no effect on the learning ability of children. What's needed is caring parents who take an interest in their children and teachers who want to teach those children. Not people who say, "I only have 10 more years until I can retire and get away from these little monsters." Parents, teachers, and administrators should all have the kids best interests as their goal.

  14. Congratulations to those who worked so hard on this levy campaign. It was a lot closer than most expected. And, more impressive to me is the fact that you didn't give up in light of the outcomes the last two times.

    These last 3 votes have told me a lot about the "community" in which I live. I feel sorry for the 3000 people who got out of their chair and went to vote against a new school for their home town yesterday. I can't imagine how the no voters will justify their actions when their judgment day comes. Really. Forget 30 pieces of silver, $2/week is our price.

  15. I graduated from Greenville, went away to college and settled down outside of Greenville years ago, but I've still been paying close attention because my parents are still in Greenville and it's the town where I grew up. This is a very disappointing outcome. It's things like this that are driving my generation away in droves. I can see the effects every time I come home. Greenville is a dying town and votes like this only speed up the process.

  16. I totally agree with the last post. I also graduated from Greenville and I do not live in the city anymore, but I still pay close attention. When I grew up, Greenville was a great place to go to school and raise a family. It is sad that people are too ignorant to realize that voting "no" for the levy effects more than just the school system. If the school system is poor, then people are not going to want to bring in new business to the city, and old businesses are going to move away. Who wants to pick up and move their kids to a place with a bad school system? And who wants to stay in a place with a bad school system? This decision has far-reaching effects for the entire community and people need to start realizing that. I used to think that one day when I was ready to settle down and have a family that I might move back to Greenville - this is exactly why I (and many others) will not.

    Finally, you people should think about who you are really punishing/hurting. I've heard over and over again that people don't trust the people in charge, whether it be the school board, the administration, etc. But who does this outcome really hurt? The children and the future of Greenville, OH.

  17. This issue was a no-brainer. And "no-brainers" are exactly the people who defeated this necessary community asset.

    I have a manufacturing business in Greenville. As soon I am need to expand, I am moving my business to a community that supports education and other community assets....in other words, I need to have my business among a group of winners.

    The people who defeated this again are reaching critical mass. The community is fast going the way of the Tidy-Bowl man!

    There go your property values...here come the people who live off the system instead of contributing to it....what the businesses and the working people leave. I am afraid it's now too late to care. This was the final nail in the coffin.

    I sure miss the Greenville I grew up in...it was such a nice little town.

  18. Susan Riegle and the rest of the board need to step down immediately. They obviously are not capable of communicating with the citizens of the district enough to explain the need for a new building. They resort to tricky bs about getting a tax rebate or cry about businesses not coming into town because we don't have a new school. How many new businesses have gone into Ansonia, Bradford, Versailles, New Madison, or even God forbid Union City? The board once again has failed the people. Time for them to resign. The people have spoken three times, give it up and make do with what you have. The board claimed this was the last chance, see how long it takes before they place an emergency vote again on the ballot. They lie and wonder why people don't want to believe them.

  19. Dear any child born to the Greenville School District between 2005 and 2015:

    I'm sorry we could no accomplish this for you. We tried very hard to gain you adequate classrooms and learning environments. We did all we could trust us. I sincerely hope this negative town that does not want to help it's future doesn't hold you back. Unfortunately, the people do not care about you like they should, but some of us still do. Good luck in your endeavors despite the obstacle the voters have placed in front of you .


  20. Robert, The school board did not fail the pulic! The public failed the public! We live in a self-centered town who obviously does not support the kids and most likely never will. That makes me VERY sad! The school board has been out there and trying to educate the self-centered public. If you haven't seen it, most likely you have not been out and about. I have seen it everywhere I go. Once again, if people didn't notice the education out there, it is probably becaue they were to into themselves to care!

  21. In response to Robert:

    The board and Susie 'need to step down immediately'? Are you KIDDING me?? To the best of my recollection, there were two positions available on the school board last November. Did you run? Susie has only been here 3-4 years (I believe), but I am certain the job was posted. With, what I can only surmise based on the vast amount of knowledge that you display on here, I am guessing that you applied for the position. You do have the correct schooling, qualifications, and credentials, right? (I am sorry, I also can't forget that very tiny piece which everyone says educators need to possess - actually CARING about the kids.)

    Robert, do you work in a job in which the entire community has the ability to speak about the job that you are doing? Is every move that you make in that job up for criticism (both positive and negative)?

    Seriously, Robert, until you have spent a month, a week, good grief, even a day doing the job that these people whom you claim need to 'step down immediately' do, please stop complaining about them. Educate yourself. For crying out loud, how about you even do something like (gasp) VOLUNTEER for the schools in some capacity. Offer to sit down with a board member and rationally discuss your feelings and concerns. Call Susie; I believe that she would take the time to listen to you AND your concerns. How easy it is to sit in a rocking chair or at the computer and complain. The hard part is actually getting out, doing something and trying to make a difference in this world.

  22. Robert I am so sick of reading your post, not a single thing you just said was true you don't even understand the levy and you refuse too. IF YOU THINK THEY ARE SO BAD AT WHAT THEY DO. WHY DON'T YOU STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND RUN FOR BOARD. YOU THINK YOU CAN HANDLE IT. Some of you people need to realize the effort and the time they put into researching what they do before they do it. but of course none of you would know that unless you actually sat down one on one with a board members

    last night I came to realize there are things in this town that haunt us and make us the laughing stock of the ENTIRE area. I am tired of this bull crap and the unwillingness to work together as a community JUST BECAUSE you don't like that person or what that person has done. stop living in the past and look into the future before Greenville is a thing of the past..

    Terence Lee Keaser II

  23. A missed opportunity for sure.
    I had voted no previously, and I did vote yes this time around because I decided to find out some answers for myself and become "educated" on the issue. I was online last night in the chat, and I was amazed at how many people voted no that DID NOT understand the issue at all.
    For example-there was a person that voted no becuase they thought there would be another operating levy come November to furnish the new school. He had no clue that that this levy included future operating costs, and the furnishings/cosmetic details for the new building.
    i just can't help but wonder how many other people put in a no vote because they had mis-information, mis-conceptions, or just plain did not read, ask questions to the right people or understand.
    None of us, including me, want to pay more taxes. That being said, if there is an opportunity to do something that will (in time) benefit the Greenville community as a whole, then it is the right thing to vote for.
    This was not about the like/dislike or the school board or superintendent....this was about doing something for the school system and the local children that attend our PUBLICALLY FUNDED school.
    Again.......a missed opportunity for sure, and it's too bad.

  24. My wife and I voted provisional and we both voted yes. So there is two more for the yes vote.

  25. Ms. Riegle has been the best thing to happen to GCS! She pours her whole heart and soul into this school system. She attends athletic events, music programs for all grades, put in the landscaping, herself, at Woodland's modulars, and on and on. Start saving your dollars, Robert, you'll need them in the future to build 2 new buildings when the state takes over! Greenville blew it!

  26. I noted that the Greenville Health Care Center when inviting the public to see there new facility ran an advertisement showing their new addition and a picture of their original building. I also noted that building was built
    about the same time as South School. I wondered what one of the negative voters for the school levy would think coming out from under the anesthetic in that building! Most would be on the phone to their lawyers as soon as possible. Yet we condemn our youth, the most precious part of our community, to be educated in the same environment!Do you people not get out of Greenville very often! The world has changed. A piece of slate and a chunk of chalk doesn't get it anymore! The Greenville School District is behind and continues to fall behind farther and farther literally as the seconds tick away.
    We are not all that much different than our surrounding communities! They simply get the idea that "EDUCATION" is very important in the lives of "THEIR" youth. They too have their share of unfortunate people living in their district. The difference is they are smart enough to understand that education can be the tool to break the cycle for many that are unfortunate!
    It is just not a priority for the majority of Greenville. Too many residents of Greenville "conviently" associate our local school district officials with the greed, corruption and waste that exists the State and Federal levels of government.
    Folks, they are not the people who spend a $1,000 on a toilet seat or $500 on a hammer. They just want to build the "future of our community" a safe, modern, technologically up to date, school building. If the naysayers would vent half of the venom they use on those who are trying to solve problems of our schools on the REAL wasters of revenue we could easily rebuild all of our schools. But the local level is the most convient place to vent our anger.
    So miserly prevail and every day young people who would be good productive citizens of Greenville decide to pack up their young families and move to places that accept the responsibility of having a vision for the educational well being of their children. And Greenville loses much more than just a levy. We are now stuck with the the situationas it is. And some day our buildings will be condenmed. Then we will wish we had that $19 million to offset our then imposed tax burden. We will also be mourning the loss of locally run schools.

  27. 1. If any of you have ever been in one of the "new" schools in the area, you would have to agree the atmosphere - air conditioning and skylights - DO make for a great learning environment. As to the comment about the one room schools - they usually only went to 6th or 8th grade - and the girls hoped to come away with a husband, not necesarily an education. Get over it.

    2. As to those on a "fixed" income. I wish I (and probably most of Darke County) was so lucky. You get a 3% raise every year (OK, I know you didn't get one this year) and you get medical care. Since 2000, I've had two pay cuts and lost insurance coverage. I hate to see what happens if the tax cuts DON'T expire.

    2. Getting back to the new school building. Most of the negative arguments remind me of my husband - don't do anything until the roof falls on your head. Plan ahead - forget it. Think we might actually have year round schools? Darke County - no way. Try to remember back when you bought your first home - thought the payments were way too much, but you knew you would grow into them. Same with this.

    4. The comment regarding getting rid of the current administration - please. Their only mistake was in not understanding how the votes really go around here - people vote for school levys if their children have been treated all right and they vote against levys if their children have had a bad teacher, bad experience, you name it. Trouble was, this time around they got caught up in national politics as well - no new taxes!!

    Have a good day.

  28. THANK YOU! to the 2 "yes" provisional voters.

  29. THANK YOU! to all "yes" voters. For supporting your community, your kids, my future kids, and all of our futures in this divided community.

  30. JM I am pretty sure you can relocate. School taxes are the only tax that people can vote against. Looking at the current mess in DC with obama raising taxes on everyone makes people want to draw a line. Yesterday for the third time the board was told no. Time to just deal with it. No amount of whining or crying can change it now. Like someone above said, the board will once again say there is one last chance and put it on the ballot again. Make do with the buildings we have and start firing teachers and bring in new ones until we get teachers who can do their jobs in something other than a new building.

  31. In my opinion, Susie Riegle is one of the best things that has happened to our school district in a long time. She truly cares about the students and their futures. If you took the time to watch how she spends her time, visiting each building, attending extracurricular functions and doing "grunt work" herself, you too would agree. Unless, that is, you have no heart or are too stubborn to admit she is doing a great job. Kudos to you, Susie! Our family loves you and we support you! Thank you for placing our kids first!

  32. To all of you who say you went to Greenville schools then settled down somewhere else, why is that ? Because of the school system? No, I bet it was because there were no jobs here for either you or your spouse. Well guess what there even less jobs here now. So why don't all of you move back and bring a quality high paying business with you that employs hundreds of people then maybe the people of this town will pass a school levy.

  33. Someone smarter than me needs to figure out how to get those 2700 yes voters to identify themselves and see if that group can organize in a way to accomplish something positive for our schools. 2700 is a lot of people. My guess is these people are frustrated right now and looking to do something good with their positive energy. This may be a chance to take lemons and make lemonade.

  34. @anon 105- You are exactly the type of person I'm talking about. Rather than trying to improve our lives and do better for the greater good you want me to relocate. I was born and raised here. Why should I relocate? Anybody could. Who says the no voters shouldn't relocate? Take your negativity somewhere else, I could go the same approach.

    And I've heard the "draw a line" excuse. Everyone wants to draw a line where it's most important IMO. Let's put the burden on the coming youth because it's not MY problem. The board wasn't told no. The board was told that as people become more educated they vote yes. If the other half actually looked at the facts and evaluated the situation this wouldn't be a problem.

    There is no more last time. To get that funding that was offered we have to pass this this time. Unless 109 provisional votes come through yes we no longer can get that state funding. That money is gone.

    Are you mad about teachers doing their jobs? Mine do a fantastic job with what they had to work with. That's your solution. Fire the teachers. Like they don't have it hard enough without you telling them to make due and educate our future with less than half the resources necessary.

    YOU deal with it. We're here to improve the future for all of us, including those who don't want to help their community because all the no voters would sure take advantage of a new building with their kids and grandkids. You can't expect 2700 people to just go sit down and give up.

  35. While I am reading the comments, there is very little information other than new ways to call others names… how to try to be-little each other, and how to tell some one to move out of the district.

    I am saddened how one controversial issue can divide the positives within our community. I am aware that this soon after a war, it’s tough to see the positives… but believe me folks there are positives. We do have businesses that support the community, even after the passage or failure of the school levy. Besides the bigger employers as Greenville Technology, Whirlpool, Fram and Wayne Hospital, our community also has small businesses that do more than they are credited for. Yes the economy has been in the tanks for a couple years now and certainly will take some time to rebound, but we are quite lucky that it hasn’t hit us as bad as in some areas.

    I think it is time everyone stop, take a deep breath, and let’s move forward. If it’s a new school needed, let’s figure out what the objections are and try to find a way to overcome these objections. I know some are going to say that is just what the school board did… but folks, for whatever reasons, it didn’t accomplish the goal, so back to the drawing board.

    I do know, unity is how to build a Great Community… not dividing it.

  36. #1- the real tragedy in this issue is the turnout. Now, this may be an unreliable source, but a google search of the number of registered voters in the Greenville School district placed the total votes at roughly 35%. What is wrong with you people?

    #2- actually, in defense of the Greenville citizens, this problem goes back to the state and our representatives that decided that it was a good idea to build new school buildings in 7 districts without ANY consolidation. I favor Republican, but if memory serves correctly- this policy originated under Voinovich, got worse under Taft, and is pretty well going consistent with Strickland. Instead of two $15 million buildings in Ansonia/MV... there should have been maybe one $20 million. If our districts- state wide- would have been aligned more economically- this would be a mute conversation.

    #3- People who want to see all of the adm resign... what is wrong with you? I lived in the community for the Adm. when Dr. Weedy (i think was his name) - and you didn't like it then either. My guess is that it doesn't matter who- you're not going to like them anyway. When there's an open spot on the board, petition and get your name on there.

    #4- Environment DOES affect the learning process. Who, among the "NO" voters attended any of the "open houses" at South School? my guess is that a very small percentage of the 2,800+ no votes did.

    #5- If nice schools don't attract/retain new business- how many key businesses have moved into the area, say in the last 10 years?

    #6- "make do with what you have", "move on"- A junior high building that is not too far removed from shedding tons of facade to the ground that would have killed anyone it fell on. Who do you think paid for that repair? we, the people. Some day these buildings will need to be replaced- it won't be an option. Who do you think will pay for it then? government doesn't just print money and use it when a project is needed. tax payers foot the bill. Apparently we won't pay it today, but we WILL pay it sometime. Anytime government gives new programs, benefits, etc... SOMEONE has to pay for it.

    #7- I live in northern Cincinnati where my house is roughly the same value as the one we left in Greenville. My last tax bill (in 2006) for Greenville was $967. My first here was $1836. 90% of that difference was the money put into the school district. Which, by the way is rated "Excellent, with Distinction"- is that because the buildings are state of the art? Don't know, to be honest- but in the worst economy in years, construction cranes were still moving here when they had stopped in other places.

    and finally, if you voted "NO"- knowing that sooner or later you WILL need to replace them- what is your solution.

  37. There is a substantial number of students on free breakfast/lunch plans in the Greenville system. Some parents choose not to pay flat fees. I heard from several of these parents that they were voting 'no'. I'm surprised that the parents didn't vote 'yes' for the FREE monies to build the middle school. Their children would have been given the opportunities to use technology, have healthier classrooms due to improved air conditioning and heating systems. (The buildings are not air conditioned.) Those 'no' voters should visit the school buildings in September and sit all day in a classroom when the weather will be quite uncomfortable.

  38. Ya know I think every body that has left a comment on here has way to much time on there hands.I see kids out side every day playing and running in this heat so dont tell me the heat has something to do with how they learn cause it dont.If the parants are worried bout the heat keep em in in the summer.I still say that online schools are the wave of the future and some one made a comment on here yesterday that you cant compare grades from online schools with class room schools.Well I say that is BS my daughter is in the online school and her grades have never been better.If your going to build a new school use your head and build a new high school and remodel the old one.I think it is big enough to hold K thru 8.

  39. To anonymous at 4:28 -

    This isn't meant to rip you, just kind of expanding on your numbered points.

    1. GCS need a low turnout to pass the levy. If 100% of the voting population showed up, the levy would have been obliterated.

    2. Yes, consolidation is badly needed in Ohio. I have seen some ridiculous sums of money go into schools to house some of the smallest numbers of enrolled students in the state. Why did they build? The money was there, and that was it.

    3. Greenville will likely never support the superintendent of schools unless the person is famous. Perhaps when Matt Light retires, give him a shot as puppet supt and let someone else call the shots. Even then, I am not sure it would happen. No matter who it is, the superintendent is screwing up.

    4. I attended GCS and never had an air conditioner. Attended South School and there was no AC. I got through and did pretty well. Would having AC have made it easier? Not really. Likely would have just made me sick when I had to go from the AC in school back home where there was none. The best it would have done is made it so some grossly overweight person sitting near me wasn't drenched in sweat. Perhaps the better solution would be to get kids in better shape and battle childhood obesity so that kids can tolerate the heat better? In fact...there wasn't even AC in most of my college buildings! And I was in college within the past decade! Sure didn't seem like a huge issue.

    5. I go back and forth on whether new schools do attract new business. Where I have been, I haven't seen it happen. What new businesses have brought bucket loads of jobs to other Darke County communities because of a new school building? I honestly don't know, so just asking.

    6. Well, if Obama can pay my gas, pay my mortgage, and make so I don't have to work no more, why not build Greenville some schools so the students can go there, graduate, and then move out into the real world and have Obama pay their gas, their mortgage, and make it so they don't have to put to use the education in the new buildings, either? (Sorry, your #6 just reminded me of some of those interviews with Obama supporters and brought back fond memories of the [lack of] stimulus package.)

    7. I know where Cincinnati is! Ok, that's really all I got!

    People keep saying that Greenville will be forced to build a new school in the future without state help. Really? How is that going to work? Anyone know the legal side of this? Does the state force a property tax on everyone in the school district to build new schools? I honestly don't think they can! Can the state force schools to get better ratings? Not really! If you have a bunch of students with no desire to try, you end up with some failing education grades. I would just be interested to know how exactly the state will "force" a school to build new buildings. Any insight, please let people know because maybe that'll swing some votes next time.

  40. Duke: You missed the point! The state would not fund a new high school. I hope your daughter is learning better written language skills online than you use in your written statements.

  41. i keep reading all the negative comments about people who voted no. all of you who think this state money from from the government stimulus is free are not taking basic economics into consideration. the stimulus money is money you, i and or children will be taxed to pay back for decades to come. it is not right or fair to keep coming after home and land owners to pay for all of the social programs some one else dreams up. i and many others who voted no, did so because we are tired of being the cas cow for everyone else. enough with the its for the kids, that to is old, greenville will not attract jobs with a mansion style school or any other gimic. you make it fair to all in the district, i mean everyone in the greenville district paying the cost, not just the property owners, then we would vote yes. what gives others the right to impose their wants on a few. you think abot that, and you will have yor elusive answer as to why we voted no three times

  42. 1....2....3 strikes you're out! Seeya Riegle along with your stooges. You failed and its time for you to go.

  43. 8:04 -- Riegle and the board did not fail. They put forth a good plan for a middle school. In fact, all of us failed when we could not get that plan communicated to the general public.

    7:51 -- ALL OF US PAY FOR A PROPERTY TAX. The property owners pay the tax directly, and the renters pay their share through their rent payments. If an income tax were to be imposed, the average tax payer would be PAYING MORE. Why? Because business and industry would be exempt. We would end up paying 1 1/2% of our income. The property tax seemed unfair, but was actually the fairest, most equitable and least expensive of any of the options.

    Bottom line, this new middle school will not be built partly because we failed to get the correct information to all of the voters. Another reason why it failed was because of the general distaste for any form of taxation right now, no matter how worthy and legitimate.

  44. I was born and raised in Greenville. Having a new middle school is not just about having air conditioning. The students would survive fine without it....they are actually more resilient than alot of adults in the heat !! It is about having a stable physical building that gives teachers enough room to store teaching equipment such as books, computers, on-hand activities, etc in the classroom, without having to stack things under tables,,,,in separate rooms or bathrooms (!). It is giving our students the best opportunity possible for the best education possible. We have excellent teachers and administrators in this school system, but sometimes it is difficult to do the job with limited supplies or limited available physical facilities in the existing buildings. Greenville is going to have to find a way to come together as a community, and stop all the name-calling. I love this town,,,and we need to see the good in it....and stop dwelling on the negative....for the future of our children....

  45. Wow what a touchy subject. I do believe children can learn in whatever environment that is presented to them with the right instruction. However, I do feel that the board has been tricky with this election and past ones to try to get it to pass. We can see that it didn't work. One reason I voted against the issue is the administration and their inability to make choices that do in fact affect their students in a positive manner. My experience with this made an unfortunate incident into something very negative - where in fact it could have been used as a learning experience to other students. Very disappointed in administration in this situation.

  46. I don't live in Greenville but live in a nearby town with a new school. No offense but why would any other district want to combine with districts like Greenville which would result in never passing another levy. Combining with districts that cannot see the future but who would have voter superiority in numbers would be educational suicide. Forget combining schools. We value our kids and their education. We would never turn it over to people like you.

  47. The small schools in the county got a much bigger share of their costs paid by the state. They need to stop acting like they care so much, they pay far less than Greenville would have to pay. How many new businesses are in those small towns because of those new school buildings?

  48. I freely admit that I did not put time and effort into researching the levy. I only found out about the election because 1 person had a sign in their yard on 36 - thank goodness their hand-made sign included the election date. I agree that we do/will need new facilities for Greenville Schools. But I disagree with how we appear to be going about it. Land was purchased how long ago now? What was the point in procuring this piece of property if we didn't already have a viable plan to pay for the facilities? Someone mentioned that the information was everywhere - I didn't see it. I'm not too self-involved to notice. I am very interested - I have a child who will end up in the Greenville School system. I do however, work outside the county, have no other children in the schools at this time, and do not receive the local paper. The levy was the only thing on our ballot and yet, information was very limited. I noticed one person indicated the board needs these low turn out elections in order to get a levy passed. If that is true, it is sad. Wouldn't it be better to have a public that is educated on the topic and can make their decision based on facts? At least then, there might be better data to help generate a 'win' the next time around. I want to see our schools improve. I am not apposed to contributing my fair share toward that. I do want information. A mailing would cost money, I know - but I personally think it would be well worth it. I am frustrated with the way the levy has presented. I am frustrated with our school system in general. I don't want to reward administration for what at least seems to be inadequate management - but I definitely don't want to punish our children for generations to come.

  49. Just stop. SOOO MANY EXCUSES. If you're country calls, you answer. If you're mother calls, you answer. If your church calls, you answer. If someone gives you an opportunity to build a school for YOUR HOMETOWN, you answer. You don't pick nits. You don't cry about your fixed income and how little Jimmy didn't make the 5th grade bowling team. You support it. Period. That's what honorable people do.

  50. If you don't think that school systems are looked at as a major component of the decision-making process of a prospective business looking to locate in a city you obviously have never been involved in that process. Ask anyone that has been.

    People want to know how many companies have come to the smaller towns due to new schools?....the bigger question is who has lost more than Greenville and who will benefit in the future when the economy gets better and companies begin looking again?

    Plus the levy is not only about jobs, it's about training the youth of today to be an effective workforce in the future, if you can convince them to stay. Greenville is in a downward spiral. I feel bad for those who want better.

  51. To Anonymous
    August 4, 2010 8:32 AM
    We no voters don't need your pitty. Keep it for yourself. Thanks

  52. Anonymous
    August 4, 2010 9:48 AM
    Wake up winner....our property values are already down....hence the reason so many voted NO! Go ahead a move, we don't need you here anyway!!

  53. JM
    August 4, 2010 10:13 AM

  54. No Voter and ProudAugust 5, 2010 at 4:31 PM

    August 5, 2010 2:43 PM

    Just stop. SOOO MANY EXCUSES.

    DITTO!! You do the same.
    This is a democracy! The people have spoken!! Stop crying because the vote didn’t go your way…….yet. We’ll see if they can make up….I mean come up with some more yes votes to appease you whiners.

  55. So...

    1.) Nobody can tell about the mass of businesses relocated to other Darke County towns with new schools?

    2.) Nobody can say that the state "forcing" Greenville to build new schools in the future is legal?

    Just some questions I still haven't seen answered.

  56. 1) other towns aren't comparable to greenville in size, income base, or existing business. However, feel free to browse the following if you think schools do not play a part in the decision making process of locating businesses:




    2) If the state regulates education, I do know why it is out of the realm of possibility to shut a building down if it doesn't meet necessary requirements. Perhaps they literally can't force us to build new, but I am pretty positive they would have the ability to shut a building down.

  57. GET OVER IT!

    Majority rules! Ignorance rules!

    As ALL of the smaller communities around Greenville progress and give their children - and future generations - wonderful environments to learn and thrive, the majority of Greenville voters continually tell us that a guality school system - and all the benefits it could reap -doesn't relate in their life.

    And ignornace breeds ignorance...always has, and apparently in Greenville, always will.

    Treaty City? Could we get a majority vote on a new nickname?

    Greenville - Shameful Town of Myopic Voters.

  58. To: August 7, 2010 2:21 AM

    You should take your own advice and GET OVER IT!

    Ignorance does breed ignorance and you have just shown yours. For you to call voters against the levy myopic voters shows that you are the narrow minded one. People have the right to disagree. Be thankful I'm not like DJ and point out your spelling error.

  59. What a town! We can't even vote in a new school... but we can have homes for ex-prisoners, mostly sex offenders, next to our schools and with hopes of adding more!!!! Let's bring in another fast food restaurant...or a dollar store. Add to that, a little more trash to the downtown area, with violence and drugs! And, maybe we need more low-income apartments...yeah, let's vote that in, too. Take a look around. Give it a few years...Gville will be all elderly people and people who live off the government. The educated and recent college grads will NEVER make this their home. But...to many, that doesn't matter...so I'm outta here!

  60. To: Anonymous
    August 9, 2010 1:53 PM

    What a town! We can't even vote in a new school... but we can have homes for ex-prisoners, mostly sex offenders.

    We didn't vote for homes for ex-prisoners to live here! Get it put up for a vote and I’m sure they will be outta here with ya. I don’t believe having low income housing built in Greenville has ever been put up for a vote either. So, if all you can to is complain, then leave!


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