Friday, August 20, 2010

John Kasich visits Ft. Recovery

John Kasich was just across the county line today in Ft. Recovery speaking to large crowd about agricultural issues. Kasich said agriculture was one of Ohio's strengths, and we need to build and promote agriculture, and not be intimidated by the fringe special interest groups who threaten farming. Many Darke Countians were present for the event. Kasich is a candidate for governor of Ohio and is pictured here with commission candidate Mike Stegall.


  1. looks like a politician

  2. Clarence, if you are referencing the guy on the right. I agree.

  3. Balloon Guy/Coyote UglyAugust 20, 2010 at 1:59 PM

    Finally! I have been wondering for years what happened to Higgins from Magnum PI. I did not know that his real name was Mike Stegall. Is he any relation to Steven Stegall, the chubby moviestar?
    Just asking.

    Love Ya Mike,

    Balloon Guy

  4. Is that Rush Limbaugh behind those Foster Grants?

  5. Kasich isn't much different than Strickland. We need an alternative. There is actually a Libertarian Candidate that gets no mainstream press at all. I urge all of you to become familiar with him if you want any change at all. His name is Ken Matesz.

  6. He is everywhere isn't he ? The other candidates better start doing the same or he is going to win just because..........he is everywhere.

  7. Higgins:

    I am not Higgins, I am the illegitimate son of Tom Selleck and just as good looking.(or at least my mother always thought so)

    Mike Stegall


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