Friday, August 27, 2010

Press release: Keith Faber joins John Kasich in call for regulatory reform

John Kasich unveiled his Common Sense Initiative — a regulatory reform proposal to improve Ohio's long-term ability to attract and retain jobs. Joining Kasich in his call to action was State Senator Keith Faber (R-Celina), the Senate's Majority Floor Leader, who has been working on a legislative crusade against government bureaucracy and red tape for nearly two years.

"John Kasich and Mary Taylor understand that Ohio businesses are tired of politicians who say they are going to get rid of frivolous regulation and bureaucracy, but only tinker around the edges. Governor Strickland has tinkered for nearly four years and we've lost 400,000 jobs in that same time period," Faber said. "Governor Strickland just doesn't get it. Lip service doesn't create jobs in Ohio."

Kasich's Common Sense Initiative calls for a comprehensive review of all state regulations to eliminate duplication, excess bureaucracy and ensure Ohio businesses are clear about what is required of them. Kasich would ensure that regulations would have a definitive sunset date, thereby ensuring a periodic review of whether they are working or if they need change, and he'd seek public and business input in the process. When it comes to the collection of fines, the Kasich plan would require that all penalty funds be deposited in the General Revenue Fund instead of into the regulating agency accounts. This would eliminate the perception among regulators, businesses and the public that agencies are padding their budgets by applying a heavy hand on Ohio employers.

"We need to change the mindset of state government to ensure state agencies are working for the taxpayers, not the other way around," Faber said. "That is going to take strong leadership at the top. And based on my experience over the past four years, I know that John Kasich and Mary Taylor are the only candidates in this race that are capable of providing it."

In the summer of 2008, Senator Faber chaired a bipartisan regulatory reform task force which traveled the state to hear from businesses, chambers of commerce and economic development professionals about the barriers to job creation in Ohio. Businesses told the committee that fees, fines and the need to jump through needless regulatory hoops were hurting their ability to reinvest in their companies and create new jobs. Based on the information he collected, Senator Faber introduced Senate Bill 3 in early 2009. His bill passed the Senate in March of 2009 with unanimous and bipartisan support, but languished in the Ohio House of Representatives for over a year.

Senator Faber looks forward to partnering with John Kasich and Mary Taylor to bring common sense back to Ohio's regulatory environment.

If you would like to interview Senator Faber regarding the regulatory reform proposal or his efforts in the General Assembly, please call him directly at (937) 417-1715.

UPDATE: Rep. Jim Zehringer was also part of the press conference and bipartisna commission, and he provided this statement: "The State of Ohio has a reputation as a high regulatory state. We need to keep our workers in a safe and clean environment, but we also need to reduce the duplicated, antiquated, and burdensome regulations."

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