Saturday, September 25, 2010

Citizens 4 Change Meeting Summary - September 25, 2010

Citizens4Change met today at the Greenville City Park for their monthly meeting. Kathy Beam called the meeting to order and introduced the Board for C4C. To honor our country, the Pledge of Alliance was said by all in attendance. The board thanked everyone for coming out on a “chilly” fall morning.

Kathy started the meeting by stating that she had sent a press release to the Daily Advocate over a week ago with a follow up being sent this week regarding printing the information for the meeting. Rick stated that it took two submissions to even get them to place our meeting date in the Meeting section. It was further stated that in the future no press releases will be sent to our local “Daily” paper. When meetings are held the information can be found at C4C website, The Early Bird newspaper and Darke Journal website. Due to the fact that the Daily Advocate does not seem interested in the “Citizens” view or perspectives of what this community is all about.

The Ad Hoc Committee result on increasing the Sex offender residency buffer was discussed. Kathy thanked our council members for their dedication to review and to commitment to seeing this through. Two council members spoke to the group about the process that it takes for legislation to be passed. Kathy told the group that she will keep them posted as to when our City Council will read the committee’s report. Kathy told the group that we need our citizens to attend these meetings to express our feelings and opinions and to show support.

C4C ask for support for a very important project that we need to complete in the next 3 weeks. We have a community citizen that until this year was working full time and very healthy. In the spring she was diagnosed with MS and is in need of a handicap ramp. Our board is asking for people with experience in building ramps and the board also stated that the materials will be donated. There was a comment made that a local church men’s group will be contacting our board to possibly help with this project. Kathy asks the community for their help and to spread the word to their friends and family to contact us.

The board stated that we are looking into asking our local Police Chief, Sheriff and detectives to attend a meeting in the next few months. As citizens we realize that we have a major drug problem in this community and we feel that our law enforcement is doing a great job to handle it. However, we want our citizen’s s to be educated on how we as citizens can help. The board will post information as it is available.

The board spoke of another issue that has been going on for a while and that is cleaning up our properties in our community. The board expressed that we need to begin a special project to make this happen. The board asks all citizens when driving around and seeing trashy properties to write down the address and send it to the Mayor and Safety Service Director. Comments were made that our citizens need to be the start of this project. Our city already has ordinances and laws on the books that need to be enforced so as citizens we need to take the lead on this. It was further stated that when you initiate an email or visit with your concerns on properties that need to be cleaned up – that you follow up with a visit the 2nd and 3rd time. Ask during City council meetings, talk to administration. It starts with us as citizens, let’s clean up this city!
An idea was brought up as a project to maybe have a cleanup day for selected areas in the city. Getting a large trash container setting at a location, having volunteers on site to help and to possibly go to select properties to remove trash, etc. Those areas of the city would have pre-notification.

It was stated that the upcoming city wide fall cleanup will be soon for citizens to use this since the tax payers are providing it. Look for times in local papers.

Kathy ended the meeting with the following quote: “Everyone needs to put a minute into protecting our children of our community”. The board again stated that next month’s meeting and upcoming Council meetings will be posted on our website for further details. Meeting was adjourned.



  1. Is it possible that the local daily newspaper is pro-Graham? Their former editor seems to be.

  2. 7:39 There is no doubt about it, I live in that neighborhood and have sent more than a few letters to the editor that did not get published. Also when you go to the website and view videos , The only ones that are shown are Graham and his supporters , same on TV 2 when you watch the news about the subject. Darke Journal is alot better web site anyway! GDA is off my fav list!

  3. I commented on Grahams and Foutz articals more than once, never made it in the paper or on the site.

  4. i beg the people not to be afraid of john graham he dont care about our children or he wouldent be doing this to greenville. we need all people to come to our city council meetings and stand behind them they can not pass the new sex offender law with out our help like i said talk is cheap. and as for our greenville paper i think there for john graham because all i see posted most of the time is john grahams stories.

  5. C4C is doing a great job. They are courageous leaders in the community. I also think it would be great to get input from the police and sheriff departments.

  6. Thats ok, we all know the true as to what the paper is doing, I guess they are more interested in protecting JG's butt than selling newspapers. Guess thats good for Darke Journal because everyone knows where to go for the truth and facts.

  7. The Advocate is very much Pro graham. Darke Journal gives everyone a chance to voice their opinions.

  8. I don't know why people are surprise that the Advocate is pro graham. He wrote an editorial piece for the advocate for years before he got into the sexual offender business.

  9. I like the trash clean-up idea. I urge all citizens to take a look at their own and their children's habits regarding trash disposal. Flicking that cigarette out the window, throwing out that napkin or pop can etc. all add to the mess. I am appalled at the cigarette butts I see while walking around town. North Broadway is particularly bad. Everybody needs to do their part.


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