Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's been a long time ... Reds wins NL Central on Jay Bruce's walkoff homerun

UPDATE: You can see Bruce's homerun and the call by clicking on Mr. Red. Watch it quick before it goes.

UPDATE: Well - look who sneaked into the Reds' locker room as an alleged member of the press.

I guess there are some benefits to being weatherman/photographer.

Hey Andrew, I hear Bob Castellini wants his empty champagne bottle back.

ABM will have an update on his blog later today, and we'll have the link here.


  1. We're in the race baby!!! The Hunt for Red October!

  2. We have waited 15 years for this! It is awesome to be watching Reds Baseball in October! Lets go Reds!

  3. Usually, I hate the post night class drive home, but I'll never forget hearing Marty exclaim, "The 2010 National League Central Division Championship belongs to the Cincinnati Reds!"

    Also, BRUCE!

  4. I might be going to the NCLS Game !

  5. I'm sooo excited!! We haven't had this much excitement for the Reds in a loong time! Go Reds!!


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