Saturday, September 25, 2010

JB wants you to read this story about the now-bankrupt Brown Publishing Co.

Link at Dayton Daily News.


  1. I think I would be asking for some advertising money back. How can they get away with this???

  2. Everyone knows that the liberal newspapers are going down the drain. My questions are answered... they just keep printing and printing and running up their debt. Let me see... who else does that? Answer: Congress Elections are just around the corner. We can vote in new Congressmen and women. As far as the newspapers go... well, someones going to lose some money, but the newspapers will all restructure or sell out to themselves under another name. That just leaves us with not much unbiased news. That's why I like the DJ, other blogs & independent web sites. The way I see it... if you graduated from high school or college... you are qualified to write and express yourself. Now, I'm getting off subject.


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