Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Darke T.E.A. Patriot - October 26, 2010 Meeting Report

A Prayer and the Pledge of Alligiance to our Flag started this meeting.

The DARKE T.E.A. PATRIOTS Signs are available for all of Darke County

“This section of the weekly report actually started during the first meeting of this group held on January 18, 2010. During that meeting, a common concern regarding the County Commissioner race, primary at that time, and the Attorney General race, included Dave Yost at that time, and the concensus that we should clearly identify who we as a group support. Well, that was almost nine months ago, the primary occurred May 4, but the discussion has remained the same, never-the-less.” Although the preceding was included in the last report, it was intentionally included in this report.

Apparently the fact that the Darke T.E.A. Patriots announced support for two individuals not in the Republican Party has generated a stir in some groups in Darke County. The discussion on October 26 continued the emotional process of review and assessment of the Attorney General Candidates. The concensus was again that when faced with a delimma that includes significant negative elements as well as concern about unknowns, the logical choice seems to be pick the known candidate with the least negative attributes.

A verbal report that one of the folks who received a phone call questioning our decision to support County Commissioner Candidate Dave Niley was a welcome comment. The Darke T.E.A. Patriots are a non partisen patriotic group not affiliated with any political party or other organization.

A discussion regarding use of our ROBO phone service prior to the election generated an agreement to have Tea Patriots personnally contact their neighbors in the 43 precincts in Darke County instead of using the ROBO calls. Volunteers were immediately offering to make the calls but some of the precincts are still not covered. If you would like to make calls, contact Al Bliss for a short list of neighbors in your precinct.

The 100 page NAACP report identifying the Tea Parties as racist white supremist groups was described in an article dated October 27, 2010 by Askia Muhammud in 1386 words. A section in the article that caused heated discussion is presented here ---

“The NAACP first stepped into the Tea Party debate with a resolution issued at its national convention in Kansas City this summer which stated that members of the movement have “displayed signs and posters intended to degrade people of color generally and President Barack Obama specifically” and added its “racist elements” are “a threat to progress.” The conservative movement forcefully responded, with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin condemning the organization.

In September, the NAACP partnered with ThinkProgress, Media Matters and New Left Media to launch Tea Party Tracker, a site set up to monitor “racism and other forms of extremism in the Tea Party movement.”

A final comment on this subject was offered to the effect that in nine months has there ever been any racist flags or signs or comments and the answer was a resounding NO. It was suggested that the April 13 Rally at the Nutter Center or the recent Rally at the Dayton Court House square were both excellent examples of the Tea Party effort to have people of color speak because the speakers happen to be superb speakers not because they are of color.

A report by Tomas Subler regarding research on Darke County Schools and School Boards finances and activity continued the in depth reporting by this committee. The fact that the requested information pertaining to unfunded mandates expected from the Darke County Educational Service Center has not been received to date continued the time consuming process of garnering needed information. Subler identified the annual budget for the Educational Service Center is $5,294,503.23. It was also noted that the Ohio State Board of Education budgets $462,822,619 for pupil transportation, $111,979,388 for auxiliary services and $9,100,000 for school lunch match this school year. These are only three items mentioned out of a list of thirty two items. This is the year (2011) when the Ohio State budget has a significant negative balance forecast.

The General Election is 6 days away - GET INVOLVED! The next meeting will be @ 6:00 P.M., Tuesday NOVEMBER 9, 2010, at THE LIGHTHOUSE CHRISTIAN CENTER.

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