Sunday, October 31, 2010

What’s Happening at Garst Museum?

Examples of a case full of wonderful tintype early photographs now on display at Garst Museum until November 15. Judging from the clothing most of them are estimated as being Civil War era. Notice the pantaloons on the little girl.

Friday, October 29 volunteers, staff and docents enjoyed a Halloween Luncheon at the Museum. In the photograph at the left is a chance to see “Annie Oakley” of Garst Gala publicity photos fame (Marilyn Robbins). Marilyn is also Membership Chairman and welcomes everyone in the county who wish to become a member of the “museum family”.

This luncheon is given in appreciation of the many volunteers who add to the success of the museum’s programs. Anyone interested in becoming a member or a volunteer please call the museum 548-5250.

Photos: B. Martin

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